October 6, 2020


As we market our businesses, we must strive to be creative and show how we can be different from everyone else that may be in our industry or attending a networking event. Our prospects, and the general public, have an almost infinite number of choices from which to pick where they can spend their money. We must bust the cookie-cutter image others may have of us. We must be pleasantly unforgettable to others.

How can we stand out and be viewed as unique and different from our competition in a “good” way? We obviously do not want to stand out in a “bad” way. We want to be viewed as the best choice of all our competitors, or all the other businesses, from which the prospect may choose. In a networking meeting we want to be remembered over all the other attendees, but remembered in an approving manner.

In our marketing we must be creative and unique, but we must also provide a sense of professionalism and how we can help our prospects if only they would be wise enough to contract with us. We must use our imagination and stand out from all those other businesses that are marketing perhaps the same product or service to those prospects that we want to sign.

Imagination, what is that? We think outside the box. We must decide if we are going to the same boring representative of our industry or business, or are we going to be the one who stands out as unique and different, in a professional way? Are we going to be the one who comes to mind, in a positive manner, when they think of our industry or business? We must make the conscious decision to make our marketing unique, creative, and also personal.

It is amazing how many business people have no imagination at all. They cannot think of how they can stand out and be unique, and be memorable to others. If we understand that we need to be remembered above everyone else in a positive manner, we could move into the starring role with prospects. Be creative, make it personal, be professional, and think outside the box. Then kick that box down the street.

We must relate to our prospects in a manner that they know that we are interested in them on a personal level. We must not be just like all the other people in businesses like ours. If we are a chiropractor, we must be known as the best there is, but what do we do to be remembered as such? If we are operating a hamburger stand, what makes us unique? How do we treat our prospects, customers, as well as everyone else, to make everyone think of us before the next hamburger stand down the street?

Do we relate to others in a unique manner; do we look more professional than others from which prospects may choose? Do we appear to be creative in our marketing, and do we represent our business in person-to-person methods, not looking like the same business that our competitors are? Do we use our imagination and try new, exciting marketing methods, or do we just sing the same song as others?

How can we make ourselves stand out from the crowd? How can we appear unique, or do we want to be the same as everyone else? If everyone else says make cold calls, should we, or should we go out and build relationships? The personal touch is better, and we should imagine new, different, and professional methods to build our business. Please leave your comments here, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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