April 29, 2020

Simple Steps

Being successful in business can be simple.

1.    Offer a valid product or service priced at a fair price.
2.    Make the order process of that product or service easy for the customer.
3.    Stand behind the product or service if there is any problem.
4.    Make the customer feel appreciated for their business.
5.    Honor the customer’s referrals in a professional manner.
6.    Remain open to all inquiries for information, no matter the subject.

-       We developed a product or service that we believe in and believe that others will want to buy from us. Is it something that others will value, need, or even want to have? How much is it worth to a customer, and how much will they pay us for that product or service? How much will it cost us to provide and still make a living doing so? We must not price the product or service too high or too low.

-       We must make it easy for the prospect to become a customer. From our website, our menu of offerings, to the process of the order itself, including how to pay us, we must make the customer buying experience easy and pleasurable. If it is not, the customer may complete that process or not, but their experience will dictate how they tell others about our business. They also may or may not return.

-       Often a customer may experience a problem, either with their ordering, the delivery of our product or service, or the performance of whatever they purchased. We must resolve that problem in a prompt, professional manner, no matter who is at fault.

-       It is imperative that we make the customer feel appreciated for their business. Even if their purchase is small, we must say “Thank You”. No successful business ignores the customer and does not show some polite gratitude for their business. Common courtesy should be more common.

-      Our customer referrals are golden. They must be recognized and acted upon promptly. Appreciation must also be shown to the referring customer. New customers become referring customers when they see how we treat everyone.

-      Always welcome inquiries, even when they are about something that we do not offer. Refer those inquiries to our networking partners, and they will refer people to us. Finding out what people want and helping them get it, even if it isn’t something that we offer, will bring us rewards in the future.

If we can achieve these items, we can be successful in obtaining new customers, retaining the ones we gain, and making a living off the referrals of our satisfied customers. This is not rocket science; it is common sense. Please leave your comments here, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.