April 22, 2019

Our Success - Gratitude Marketing Can Help Us Reach It

Our success in business depends on many things, all of which can be made more impactful through Gratitude Marketing. Here are some factors which may help us in achieving success in both our business and personal lives. (Thanks to the April, 2019 issue of the Costco Connection and Blake Snow for the article “Success Hooks”.)

Our level of success depends on the actions of others. No one exists in a universe of one. We are social creatures and rely on the talents of others to make up for our own short comings. Bottom line, if we do not have customers we have no business at all. Those without customers usually have all sorts of excuses and a failing business.

Our success depends on our own persistence. Sales go to the person who is stubborn and keeps showing up. If we practice “drive-by networking” instead of building relationships, we will fail, and fail miserably. Stay the course, keep doing what we should be doing, and success will follow us. Remember karma and how she can reward all of us.

How determined are we to succeed? Success depends on our own resolve and purpose. We must establish attainable and specific goals. As we attain our immediate goals, our confidence will build, and we can reach further and further past our comfort zone, growing our own ability and confidence. Goals are fluid and must be rewritten often to both challenge us and respond to changing environments. We must learn to be better at goal setting.

Business is full of droughts and down times. Anticipating them will get us past these periods so this timing must be factored into our success. Planning for the “bad” times will require our patience and maintain our goal setting skills. Maybe what we discover are lulls in our business when we can “catch up” with our competitive research.

Success depends on our ability to remember those who need our help and discover how we may benefit them. Do not forget those who helped you, and reach out to them in their times of need. Our relationships may be very beneficial in our own times of need, but they should be nurtured for the overall benefit, not for what they may return to us only. Remember to never keep score.

Gratitude Marketing can reward us and make us wildly successful, but it has many aspects to it beyond just smiling and saying “Thank you”. Do you want to chat with someone about your marketing and how it can be improved? Give me a call at 360-314-8691 so we can connect and help each other. Email me with your ideas and thoughts at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or leave your comments here for others. I am always looking to expand my networking partnerships.

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