February 25, 2018


A large part of Gratitude Marketing is the credibility of the business people involved in the partnerships that we form.

It does not matter if we send emails to our networking partners by doing it ourselves or if we use a service that sends them for us, there are some guidelines that we should keep in mind. It doesn’t matter if it is a newsletter that is emailed or a short message; it doesn’t matter if we are using our own list of recipients or a list that we purchased. We should use some common sense in our endeavors.

Understand that emails, while often free to send, can have expense attached to them. Did we buy a list of target recipients? Do we have a service which charges for emailing for us? If we do the work ourselves, how much is our time and effort worth to us. We could be using that time to personally contact new prospects or reconnect with former clients. There is always a cost of some type involved.

No matter the type of correspondence that we use, we should make sure that the results are worth more than we spend. We should also make sure that we gain good will and do not soil our reputation by the correspondence that we send. Do we present ourselves in the best light, or do we make others believe that we are not someone with whom they would like to do business or even trust? Do we just look stupid?

We should make sure all of our target market wants to receive our correspondence and that they have not opted out of our emails previously. We must check the spelling and grammar more than once before we send the information. We should have someone not involved with the content review the text for spelling, typo, and grammar errors. We also must have someone who understands the content review the details included.

Our correspondence helps us establish ourselves in our field of business. Our credibility will be damaged when we make basic mistakes in our correspondence. Even worse of an error is when we attempt to send information to someone who knows the subject better than we do. Don’t attempt to tell an expert in any field that you know more than they do when your field of expertise is something very different.

Of course these tips are pertinent for all types of correspondence and information sharing. It does not matter what the method, sharing is one of the best means of serving others. We can share on Facebook, LinkedIn, by email or newsletter, by books or other published means, by webinars or other seminar type offerings, or just personal contact. Whatever the method, we must make it professional and informative, but we must make sure of our target market and how we are perceived by them.

Whenever we provide information to others through any type of interface, we must be credible as well as informative. Without credibility, our message will not have the impact or impact that we wish, and we will have missed the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life or to help someone else to succeed.

Make your correspondence informative, supportive, and helpful, but also make it credible in the eye of the recipient. Then, and only then, will it be received in the anticipated manner, and will be appreciated. Our Gratitude Marketing will be meaningful to all concerned if we follow a few guidelines and principles. Please leave me your comments here, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call, or text, me at 360-314-8691.

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