December 31, 2017


Here we are again, at that point where many of us create a list of changes that we want to make in our lives this coming year. We have these great intentions of “cleaning up the mess” that we may have made during the past year. If we didn’t “make a mess”, we want to do better and correct some flaws in our lifestyles and improve what we do, say, or think. Do you really believe that it is this easy?

Then there are people who do not make any resolutions. Some do not believe that they need to change anything about themselves; some believe that they are incapable of making any changes, no matter how much those changes may be needed. Some people make resolutions, never believing that they will keep any of them; others make resolutions under the guise of humor, never planning to keep them or because their family members pressure them to at least try to make changes in their lives.

Of course, there are people who make the same resolutions every year, never accomplishing anything towards changing any part of their lives. They may be certain that they will fail to change their lives for the better when they make the resolutions, or they may have the best intentions, but they never take the steps necessary to fulfill these changes. Maybe they don’t have the support of their families, friends, or others in their lives, but the ultimate fault rests on their shoulders.

Where do you belong in this listing of people; who do you closely resemble? Maybe you agonize over this process each year, striving to improve your life, but knowing that you will default to your old ways of living, and finding the same results. The stress does no one any good, and the process is not worth that agony. Maybe you believe that you don’t need that anxiety and want to get on with things as normal. Whatever your belief or intention or actions of the past, this year why not try something new and different?

This year recognize your faults, including the non-ability to make and keep resolutions. However, this year try to make resolutions that resemble baby steps. The longest journey starts with a single step; make the resolution to take that single step. Then resolve to take another, and then another, until you have made the transition to where you want to be. Who says that resolutions have to be made at the first of the year? Make them anytime that you want. Then adjust them as you go along, making the next steps as new resolutions.

This sounds just like goal setting doesn’t it? It is goal setting under another name. When you make goals, whether in your personal or your business life, you need to adjust them as you accomplish stages, or small steps, always raising the bar so you have a new goal to which to strive. Resolutions are no different than goals. Make small resolutions, and then adjust them so that you are always growing. The stress is less than striving for some difficult or perhaps looming goal. The reward will be self fulfilling, and you will anticipate the next step.

Make your resolutions simple, attainable, and rewarding. Include Gratitude Marketing in your resolutions, making it your way of life, in both your business and personal lives, and you will benefit from all that great karma that you will be spreading to others. Please leave me your comments about your thoughts on this, or call me at 360-314-8691, or email me at I challenge you to express your gratitude to others for everything that they do, for you or everyone else. It will make your new year that much better, and more profitable.

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