September 24, 2017

Do & Don’t

In our quest for business success, business owners must do certain things and not do other certain things. While some of each of these may seem to be common sense, maybe we should review some of each and the details behind the common sense. Of course, Gratitude Marketing should provide many of the reasons for these lists, but maybe we need to discuss them anyway.

Never, ever, ever ignore the importance of anyone’s name. If you do not know how to spell anyone’s name, find out, and do not guess. Never assume that it is like everyone else’s; find out how it is spelled. Nothing is more embarrassing than to misspell someone’s name, especially if they are a prospect, customer, client, family member, or friend. Guess that means everyone.

That said; always use their name in a greeting, email, card, or other communication. It makes them feel great, calls attention to their importance, and is common courtesy. We all like to be addressed by our name, not called customer, resident, new resident, or other such vague term. Nothing is worse than to receive a marketing pitch directed to “The Business Owner”. If you want to do business with me, discover who I am.

Always meet one-on-one with new acquaintances and get to know them. Never “write off” anyone as not for us. The person who you ignore might want to be your customer, but may also be your greatest referral source. First impressions are not always correct, and you might be amazed by the details that you discover about anyone. They may even have something that will benefit you.

When you sit down with anyone new for the first time, never start off pitching whatever you have to market. Find out about the other person first, discover what they do, what they need, and what makes them do whatever they do. That way you can intelligently refer them to others that they may need to meet, either because they need whatever the other person offers or because the other person may be a great prospect for them. You cannot do this if you don’t know them.

If the new person that you meet isn’t a prospect for you, don’t dismiss them. They may be a great referral partner; they may know just who you need to meet. They may know the perfect business partner for you. Look for networking partners first, not prospects. If you enlarge our networking partnerships, you will gain more customers. Some of them will become customers or clients, while some of them will refer us to more prospects.

If you lose a customer, you must find out why. You must attempt to never lose touch with them. Depending on why they moved on from our customer relationship, you may gain them back in the future. You may receive referrals from them that may help us grow our business success. You may even learn something about why you lost them that will help us improve our performance with others.

In the coming weeks you will discover more details that make up Gratitude Marketing and you may learn what you are doing right or even wrong. You might not always agree, but you can learn. Sometimes you may even learn what you don’t know, or what you thought you knew about business, Gratitude Marketing, and karma. Again let me have your comments, or call me at 360-314-8691, or email me at Let’s help each other practice Gratitude Marketing.

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