August 13, 2017

Blog Schedule

Several followers of this blog know that my wife and I are planning to move to Sacramento in California, from where we moved to Vancouver, Washington twelve years ago. We are very much going back home.

My contact information will not change from 360-314-8691 and However, as a result of this move, which is taking place at the end of August, I have decided to place my blog postings on hold until the move is completed. I just do not have time to prepared meaningful blog content, pay attention to my clients, customers, prospects, and family and friends, and handle the details of the move at the same time. What can I say; I am getting older and have no patience with myself if I cannot accomplish 100% of everything that I attempt.

Please bear with me during this absence, and I will return by the end of September with the same, if not better, blog postings. Until then do not forget Gratitude Marketing or the great karma that it produces and treat everyone as well as you would want to be treated. Be safe and well, and enjoy the fun of doing business with great networking partners.

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