July 22, 2017

Ask, Then Give

Let’s say that you have this great marketing plan to achieve success in your business. You have followed this plan for a long time, but it just doesn’t seem to be working as you envisioned. You have gained some market share, but not to the level that you expected. If you have followed the plan exactly as you planned it, without success, maybe it is time for you to try something else.

Perhaps you should tweak your plan and efforts somewhat. Maybe you should junk the plan completely and try a different plan all together. First, try talking to your networking partners, in an honest conversation, and ask for their advice. Your true networking partners will share their ideas, and their failures and successes, with you. You do have networking partners, don’t you?

What is wrong with learning from others? If someone else is successful in a comparable business, what is wrong with learning from their plan for success? Do you keep trying to reinvent the wheel (which works very well in the shape that it is), and keep floundering in your ups and downs of business, or should you follow a successful plan, and share that success?

Do you work as a franchisee in a business that has a proven path for success? Then follow that path. Hundreds, if not thousands, of others probably have followed that plan. Why are you convinced that you have a better way of operation, especially if you have never worked in that industry before? Learn, imitate, and prosper. That’s what the previous successful people did, or did you not listen to that part of their training?

Pride in business is great when it pertains to having pride in your ethics and honesty. However, it can get into your way, especially when you will not ask for help from others. Your networking partners will not laugh at you, and they will share information and help you succeed. Most likely they were the recipients of that same help from someone that helped them, someone who was helped by someone else.

If you need help, don’t let your pride get into the way of getting help from others. Then, don’t let your pride get into the way of telling your story to someone who may need your help and information in the same way. Share your success, and failures, with others and tell them to pass the information along to someone else. If you share your needs, and your assets, you will be a better person and success will come to you and follow you through life.

Karma is sharing with others; it is giving to others. If we pass good things to others and share good information with others, then good will return to us from somewhere. If we pass out negative thoughts and actions, then negative things will return to us. What we put forth will return to us. That is Gratitude Marketing.

How about sharing your stories with others? Add your comments, or email me them, or your questions, at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691. If we all share with others, we will learn more ourselves. What goes around will return to us all.

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