June 24, 2017

How Do We Speak?

One of the most basic marketing rules is to present ourselves well. One of the most basic presentation techniques is to speak well and professionally. Does this mean that we must develop great presentation skills and refine our public speaking skills to where we can deliver great speeches and talks? That would be great and a feather in our professional caps, but the same theory also applies to conversations that we have with another person.

One of the most effective marketing skills is the ability to have an effective conversation with another person. We must be able to speak intelligently, calmly, and without excessive emotion. We must be well informed, able to form complete thoughts and sentences, and use words that actually exist. We must be able to present our point of view in a non-threatening manner, encouraging the other person to want to understand and digest our intention.

We must allow the other person to inform us of their opinions and positions, even if they differ from ours. We must be willing to allow the other person to present their thoughts without interruption or other rude behavior. The mark of a bully is interrupting someone with whom they disagree or shouting them down when they are attempting to voice their opinion. We must not get so wrapped up in what we want to say that we do not allow them to speak at all. Our passion must be controlled.

Intelligent speech consists of complete sentences and thoughts, not ramblings and “smoke and mirrors”. We should present our product or service in a professional manner, clearly stating what we provide. We must also present the cost to the other person in clear, concise terms, never clouding the discussion with vague and confusing words or phrases.

We must be proud of what you have to market or provide, what it means to the prospect or client, and what it will cost. If that cost may vary according to circumstances, we must refine that part of what we present into clear, concise terms. Make it easy for the prospect to understand and relate to what we have and what it costs. They may have to present our proposal to someone else so we must make their job easier and thus successful for us.

It is the mark of a successful person if they can present themselves in a professional manner. If we are passionate about what we do, so much the better, but we must not preach to the person to whom we are speaking. Be personable, but do not violate the business relationship. If we need to do so, we should rehearse our presentation frequently before going public. Be calm, collected, and clear in what we say and how we say it. Remember that it is not only what we say, but how we say it that impacts the other person.

We often hear people in public presentations who cannot relate their thoughts in an intelligent manner. How does that make us feel about them, what they are representing, and their attitudes towards us? Does it make us want to know them, to do business with them, or trust them? Would we refer others to them?

Please let me know your thoughts on this subject by leaving me your comments, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691. It is the mark of a professional if they can present their thoughts in logical, intelligent, and polite words. That same person listens before they open their mouth to tell us how they can solve our needs.

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