May 28, 2017

Marketing Versus Sales

Chat with anyone the topic of marketing usually arises. Just start talking about business and why everyone needs to have a marketing plan and discuss why they are not just look for sales. We all know others who say that they do not have time to develop a marketing plan since they are concentrating on selling. These same people do not have a business plan.

There are many resources available for anyone who needs to refine their sales techniques, and there are also resources to help with developing, or refining, their marketing efforts. Everyone should utilize all the resources available to improve in both areas, marketing as well as sales.

Sales and marketing are not the same effort. We should question companies with “Sales and Marketing” departments, where everyone wears both hats. Usually these people really do not have two hats; they are only interested in sales. The two efforts are not the same. While they must interface, marketing and sales are not the same.

Marketing does not result from sales; sales result from marketing. Marketing is building relationships and refining the impressions that we make with others. Marketing is how a company presents itself to the world. It is the image that we portray to the public, to both our prospects and to those who will never become customers. It is “telling the world that we exist” and how we accomplish that “telling”.

What if we invent the perfect mousetrap? This mousetrap not only catches every rat or rodent there is; it also makes our morning coffee, does the dishes, sweeps the floors, and makes the beds. If no one knows who we are, what we have for sale, or how to contact us, we will not sell many mousetraps. We will probably still have them for our next garage sale.

We must market both ourselves and our product. It is not enough to just have something that people should purchase; we need to publicize who we are, what we have, how we treat others, and how wonderful our product is. People do business with those that they know, like, and trust. They chose their business partners based more on the individuals that they know more than based on the companies, or even products, involved.

Without a doubt, networking is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to market. We let others know about what we have, how to contact us, and how we may help them. We establish networking relationships with others, working with them to build mutual success for both of us. We develop those relationships and also develop our networking skills. This is all part of Gratitude Marketing.

Mutual success means that we are building relationships with our networking partners whether they are customers or not. We are trying to help each other succeed, and we become marketers for each other through providing referrals, letting others know what we know. We all would like our marketing to be accomplished with the assistance of some unpaid spokespeople.

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