April 29, 2017

Be Creative

So we started a business or joined a company, and we can’t seem to get it going. Maybe we have been in business for some time, and our business has slumped. Our client list may have stopped growing, or maybe it has shrunk in size and number. We have a great product or service, but we can’t seem to attract any new clients or hold on to the ones we have.
We have heard the advice that it takes 10 times the amount of money, effort, and time to attract a new client as it does to hold a current one. We have listened to all the “experts” saying that we need to do this or try that. We are still stuck in neutral and can’t seem to get going and attract new clients or maintain the ones we have.
Listening to the advice of others, going to seminars, watching webinars, or even employing coaches is great if we remember one additional thought. We must act on whatever we learn from all these sources of information. We must keep learning and reinforcing what we know. We must devote a certain amount of time, perhaps every day, to self-improvement.
However, all the information in the world will not do us any good, if we don’t act on what we learn. Information is power, but it is useless, or powerless, if we don’t put it into action. If we don’t, all the time, effort, and money we spent gaining it is wasted. We must act to implement what we have learned.
We have heard, or used, all the excuses. “We’ve never tried that; we have always done it this way; that’s too advanced for us; that won’t work here.” Maybe it is right, but maybe it is wrong. If we try something and it doesn’t work, try something else. Maybe it works, but something else may work better, try that. We must get creative.

The only thing that always remains with us is change. Change must happen, and will happen no matter what we do or believe. The weather will change; the business climate will change; customers will change, both in what they want and how they want it. By seeking and absorbing information, we change. To not change is to wither and die.

We must recognize change, research change, and react to it. Perhaps even better would be to anticipate it and be ready before it happens. Learning is a valuable and powerful activity. Implementing knowledge is even more powerful. We must recognize the knowledge that comes our way which may assist us in dealing with change. We must also be aware that we need to implement that knowledge.

Our networking partners can help us gain the knowledge that may help us better our business. They can provide us data to decide what information should be implemented and how. They can also help us analyze the results of changing the what or how we deal with our product, services, or our clients. Reach out to them and ask for help. True networking partners will be there for us.

Please leave comments here, or email them to Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call 360-314-8691. We must be creative in information gathering and implementing the changes that we believe will help us. Remember that change can be good, but we must manage it through knowledge, assistance from others, and being brave.

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