April 22, 2017


We all love to receive gifts. When someone gives us something, no matter what it is, we should consider the thought and the effort behind the gift as an extension of their caring for us. It does not matter what the gift is, what size it is, or how expensive it is, the fact that someone considered us worthy to receive a gesture of their appreciation should be what we consider to be the most important portion of the act of giving.
Sometimes another person gives us a gift as a thank you for something that we have done. Perhaps we referred someone to them who became a customer; maybe we gave them some advice that made their marketing better. We could have purchased something from them, or we could have invited them to a great seminar. It doesn’t matter what we did, they thanked us and added a gift to show their appreciation.
The fact that someone thanked us for our effort should have been enough, but the fact that they also sent us anything, no matter what it is, is going beyond the expected. My mother taught me always to thank someone for their actions towards me. The fact that a gift is included is so much more than normal level politeness. They have gone the extra step and have shown that our relationship is very important to them.
Of course other actions can be considered as “gifts”. What about when one of our networking partners invites us to a meeting and pays for us to attend? How about when someone tells us about a savings on equipment or supplies that we need? Maybe another associate refers a potential employee to us, or perhaps someone introduces someone to us who becomes a great networking partner. All of these can be considered gifts, valuable and perhaps priceless.

One of the best gifts we can receive is an introduction to a potential networking partner or a potential customer. Maybe our partner sends an email to a third party introducing them to us and copies us on the email. To honor the gesture we should reply, thanking the original sender, and also attempt to reach the third party. The third party, who has also received this “gift” of an introduction, should also be replying, thanking the original sender. They should also be attempting to contact us. Everyone should be moving to complete the gesture of the “gift”.

These types of “gifts” are just another portion of the practice of Gratitude Marketing. Being the giver of gifts makes us known as those who appreciate what others do for us. Being the receiver allows us to show how we react to these gestures and show off our own practice of Gratitude Marketing. It becomes a continuous circle of helping and appreciating others. It makes karma so real.

How do you use gifts in your Gratitude Marketing, and how do you react when you receive a gift from anyone? Do you pass it one, do you thank the sender, and do you let it enhance your business? Tossing it aside and wasting the gift will come back to haunt you, and you may discover that your name disappears from the gift lists of others. Please leave your comments here, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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