March 11, 2017

The Future

How would we describe the future a year from now? What would our businesses look like in a year? What would we want our business relationships to be 12 months from now? How would we describe our ideal relationship with anyone when we first meet?

Would we only want relationships where one of us is the customer of the other; would we only want both of us to be customers of each other? Or would our business relationships to be more than that? We never attend a networking meeting where we do not learn something from the others present. We also never meet anyone one-on-one and fail to learn something.

We should establish working business relationships with everyone that we meet. We should look for others that are professional in their business dealings, that are passionate about their business and its workings, and that are personable toward those that their business touches. But, what do we want from these business relationships?

An ideal business relationship may include the possibility of being mutual customers of each other. However, if we are not mutual customers, or even if neither of us is a customer of the other, the business relationship can still be a success.

A successful business relationship includes the following:
Ø  There is a mutual respect for each other’s business, ethics, principles, and methods.
Ø  That mutual respect allows each partner to refer prospects to each other with no hesitation.
Ø  Referrals do not always include customer prospects, but may include those who might assist the recipient in increasing their possibilities of success.
Ø  There is a mutual honesty that allows the partners to be honest and supportive of each other when asked for assistance.
Ø  The partners in the relationship do not hesitate to offer assistance when asked and do not hesitate to ask for assistance when needed.

When we are in networking meetings, we must look for the people with whom we might establish business relationships. Engage each person that we meet in a one-on-one for a get acquainted chat, and determine how we may establish a mutually rewarding relationship. It is amazing what we can accomplish when we look for the possibilities.

Do not prejudge anyone. The person that we first believe is not worth getting to know may be our next networking partner, our next business relationship that will drive us to success. Perhaps this person will be who we can help with our insight, experience, knowledge, and counsel. We may have the opportunity of a lifetime to make someone’s life better.

As we go about our business, try to make our entire future brighter and better. What do we want our business relationships to be in a year from now with each and every person we meet? Look for the great possibilities or opportunities and find them. Recognizing these opportunities and following up with them is practicing Gratitude Marketing. Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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