February 26, 2017


As we go about our day, who else can we show gratitude to, someone that we don’t normally include in our efforts to appreciate others?

How about our vendors, those people from whom we purchase supplies, raw materials, the products and services that we use each and every day. Why not show some gratitude for them also?

What do we purchase for our businesses, what products or services? It ranges from paper, ink, our telephone service, our gasoline, to our groceries, meals, coffee, etc. Each and every day we purchase products and services that impact our lives. The purchase of those items, and how we act toward those vendors, impacts the lives of those from whom we buy everything.

Let’s take the example of the waitress or waiter from whom we purchase a meal. Perhaps we are very practiced at tipping the appropriate amount for good service. Why not thank them for their service in another manner in addition to the tip? Why not thank them with a verbal compliment for their service? Even better, why not express our compliment to their manager or superior? Telling their boss may impact their salary or their status at the establishment more than telling them directly how we feel.

Perhaps the vendors that sell us paper, ink, pens, pencils, file folders, or whatever have others to whom they sell similar products. Maybe these other customers of our vendors would like to hear about opportunities to purchase our products or services. Perhaps the same vendors from whom we purchase may be good leads for our customers.

See the networking possibilities here? Some Gratitude Marketing on our part might open up several lines of opportunity for us and for others. That’s what Gratitude Marketing is, showing a level of thankfulness and kindness to others, resulting in feedback that benefits everyone. Putting people in touch with others whom they may help, and who may help them, is what Gratitude Marketing is.

We have discussed gratitude for our customers, our prospects, our friends, and our family. Now add the vendors from whom we purchase items to this list. Then add the vendors from whom others purchase anything. All these people need, and deserve, our kindness and gratitude for their efforts as well as anyone else, as well as our prospects and clients.

When we compliment strangers we never know where it may lead. It may lead to a direct result in good will expressed toward us. On the other hand, it may lead to good will expressed toward us indirectly, from someone not connected to our initial act.

Think of this during the day. Thank the waiter or waitress that serves coffee, thank the clerk at the grocery, thank the person who holds the door as we exit or enter a building, or thank the person who gives us directions when we are lost.

When we express these thanks or compliments, be sincere. Don’t do it as a throwaway gesture. Show sincere effort and measure the words making someone feel very good about themselves and their efforts in life. Make them smile and make them feel good inside.

Gratitude Marketing is an easy way to touch others in a positive manner. Try it; everyone will like it, and positive karma will result from the effort. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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