January 8, 2017

What Others Tell Us

When we find and announce a new idea that we plan to implement, we start hearing the reactions from our family, friends, and others. Some of those people are very supportive and offer assistance and encouragement that we will succeed in following our ideas. Others might bombard us with negative thoughts. The ones who tell us that we cannot achieve success are people who might be afraid that we will be successful.

When we publicize our business intentions we should do so with our networking partners. These are people with whom we have built strong relationships in which everyone can be honest and supportive. They must counsel us in a manner that will provide what is best for our business, no matter what is said. Truthful opinion is the watchword, and the intent should never be questioned.

We will know other people who will tell us that we are crazy, misguided, and destined for failure, and that may be their personal opinion. However, we must know the basis for that opinion. Is it their sincere opinion, or is it slanted for some reason? Do they have a hidden agenda, or does their background taint their advice? Are they being overly supportive with no solid basis for their thoughts, or are they reluctant to see anyone rise above their level of accomplishment, or even failure? Are they supportive or jealous?

Our networking partners should have a vested interest in our business success. They may be our customers or clients, or we may be theirs. It is therefore important that we keep each other functional in a successful business status. If we do not have a customer based relationship, we still have an interest in the success of each other since we should be valid referrals for one other. That status allows us to show others how businesses should support each other, a relationship that results in more opportunities.

Do our relationships with others remain at the same status level forever? Of course they don’t. They rise and fall in intensity continuously. They may be close, or they may vary. We may interface with our networking partners frequently or very seldom; we may send them referrals or introductions almost daily or just now and then. These are living, breathing relationships in which each partner is there when the other person needs help.

The basis for these relationships is honesty build on solid ethics and genuine support for each other. We have their best interest in mind, and we will provide input which is blunt, direct, and intended to reflect what we believe to be what is best for each other. That may not be what the other person wants to hear, but may be what they need to hear.

Gratitude Marketing results in business networking relationships. These relationships provide to us others who will be there to provide honest and ethical support when we need it. We may not hear what we want to hear, but we will be told what we should be told when this advice is offered. That sharing and support should be answered with our gratitude. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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