January 15, 2017


This is a crazy world in which we live. We are surrounded by marketing on all sides relating to every factor of our lives. From television and radio to print advertising to billboards, we hear about products that can change our lives, our businesses, and our future. How do we determine which of these proposals are truthful? How can we actually discover which products or services can actually help us?

It is all very confusing isn’t it? We must determine which of the millions of proposals that we hear and see are honest, reputable, and appropriate for us to pursue for our betterment, either in business or our personal lives. How do we do that; how do we determine which of all this to trust and to use? If we are confused, imagine how the non-business person is bewildered and conflicted?

So what do we, as business people, learn from this situation? We, like our potential prospects, must determine what is true and what is false in all the marketing that impacts us each and every day. We must decide if the information that we hear, and see, is true, or to what extent it is misleading, just looking to influence us to buy something that may not perform as we expect it to do.

As a result of our astute observations, we must make our own marketing as truthful as possible. We must make assurances as to our products and services that promise results that our customers can readily obtain from buying and using what we offer. In other words, we should be truthful in the marketing that we employ in our client relations. Our prospects and customers will appreciate this truthfulness and be grateful for our honesty.

Being truthful includes every portion of our marketing. It begins with our website and embraces our emails, all advertising which we do, and every sound that comes out of our mouths. Every detail must be analyzed for any misleading and questionable phrase or word. We cannot afford to misstate any claim or even confuse any prospect or customer. We must also make the act of doing business with us as easy and straight forward as we can.

All of these steps will show our prospects and our customers that we appreciate them and their business because we take all the steps necessary to base our relationship on truth, honesty, and ethics. Then all our associates, including our networking partners, will know that we are above reproach and we are people with whom they want to do business. Remember, this must include everyone we know or touch in any manner.

Gratitude Marketing means that we build business relationships, with prospects as well as partners in referrals and networking. We are above reproach in our dealings because that philosophy means that we always do what is right. We also know that karma will return to us exactly what we put forth. All this means more success for us all. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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