December 24, 2016

The Entrepreneur Mindset, Part 3

The entrepreneur must have a different mindset from that of a normal employee. An employee of a business usually does not have to think of the operation of the business, the marketing of services or products offered, and other agenda items. Granted, employees may have a direct impact on the success or lack of success of a business, but the entrepreneur has a more influential effect in what they do or think.

Entrepreneurs must consider various traits of business operation and keep on track in order to maintain the success of their business. They must think of the P’s of Business. The P’s of Business offers guidance to anyone who is getting their business off the ground or to someone else whose business may need a boost. For others, they might get the mind of an entrepreneur thinking which is always a good thing.

Operate your business as a professional. A business must be run as a business, and in a professional manner. The entrepreneur is a business person, not someone with a hobby. While the business may be one of love, perhaps even an offshoot of a fad, it is a business. Therefore, it deserves an attention to detail, a devotion to its operation, and a dedication to everyday needs. To be considered as a professional, act like a professional.

The second P is to operate a business with passion for it, and its services and/or products. Be a product of the business products or services. If the entrepreneur does not utilize the business offerings to market its services, why not? What type of example is set for customers or clients? If what is offered is good enough for prospects, it should be great for the entrepreneur. Credibility is a foundation of prosperity.

The third P means that the entrepreneur treats everyone as a person, not as a prospect or customer number. Everyone is a human being, with feelings, thoughts, and needs. If the entrepreneur cannot solve someone’s needs or wants, help them find someone who can. Help others get the assistance that they need to prosper and succeed. Karma will reward the entrepreneur in the long run. Personal contact and assistance is a lost art, and the entrepreneur will gain a great reputation, and new business, through practicing it.

A fourth P of business is persistence. This does not mean to keep hammering away at prospects until they buy just to shut the entrepreneur up. It means to keep working the business through thick and thin, on good days and bad ones, never quitting on a bad day. Maintain an adherence to the P’s of Business and other great customer service traits no matter the naysayers who proclaim negative thoughts.

Gratitude Marketing reflects these P’s of Business at their best, and they dovetail with every point that can be made about Gratitude Marketing. They are the basis for a successful business. Does a business need a pick-me-up? Does it seem to have gotten dull and boring? Do sales seem to be lagging?

Why not try to emphasize the P’s of Business and see if they make a business operation better. Happy clients make a business better; happy business owners make it even better. The P’s of Business will make us all proud of what we do and even more proud of our business accomplishments. That will make everyone happier. Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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  1. Greetings Mr. Teasley
    I agree with statements, comments and observations. Convinced that I was doing the things right that you mention, the struggle to succeed continues. No one gets it right the first time. Please help Jim. Rene Jaspar 1403 896_9841 Thank you