November 26, 2016

The Gratitude Challenge

Showing our gratitude towards others is the basis for Gratitude Marketing. It is a proven truth that showing gratitude towards others for what they do for us or other people is so much better than our own proclamations about how great we are, or our businesses are, or our products or services are. Everyone wants, and likes, to be noticed and thanked for our actions towards other people.

Thanking others for what they do, for us or for other people, brings rays of sunshine into everyone’s lives. It makes people walk taller, smile more, and just feel better about themselves and the people who provide these words of thanks. Everyone can benefit from words of appreciation and gratitude, and no one dislikes hearing the magic words: “thank you”.

Obviously our customers should be objects of our gratitude. We should all show gratitude for our customers’ orders, their repeat orders, and especially when their order is a recurring one. Furthermore, we should show our gratitude when customers refer someone else to us as a prospect, whether or not that prospect becomes a customer.

Besides our customers other people who should receive our gratitude for their actions should include anyone who provides referrals to us. These referrals may come from people who will never order from us, but believe that we can help someone who they know. These networking partners will base their referrals on their relationships with us and how we make they believe that we are people that they can trust to treat their referrals well.

What about total strangers? We all observe acts of kindness every day being performed by total strangers who we may have never formally met, whose names we do not know, and who should receive some gratitude for their actions. These people who have done something which we have observed should be praised by someone, and we don’t believe that their actions should go without being noticed and applauded.

Anyone who has employees must practice these same actions in return for whatever our employees do for our customers, for us, and for anyone else. Their status as employees does not preclude that we should show them gratitude for what they do each and every day. Loyalty is an employee trait that will help build the success of any business, and showing gratitude for employees and their actions can strengthen that loyalty and performance.

How about a gratitude challenge? Why not over the next 30 days we all try to show our gratitude to as many people as we can? It doesn’t matter if they are prospects, customers, clients, total strangers, former customers, or employees; try to express gratitude to as many people as possible over the next 30 days. Then see what results are from all this Gratitude Marketing, because that is what it is.

Gratitude Marketing provides us the framework to build a business’ success. It makes us to become more observant of the actions of others, and it is the way to build that success through karma. Whatever we put forth in our lives is what we will receive back, good for good, and bad for bad. Before we know it, this gratitude challenge may even spread around the world and be the basis for a revolution of kindness. Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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