October 16, 2016

Time to Upgrade

Periodically we all must upgrade what we say and what we do in businesses. While we know that we must be consistent in our business dealings, we also know that fresh, new ideas require fresh, new discussion and marketing. We must be interesting and not boring when we market. We must not have our prospects “tune us out” when we attempt to market our ideas and attempt to explain our products or services.

Honest, truthful messages are the backbone of any successful business. Do not attempt to “put one over” on prospects. Just give others the truth in a straight forward manner, and allow sincerity to convince the public that we are what they need. Never make the buying prospects second guess marketing messages and believe that they are being deceived.

However, we must also understand that honest, straight forward marketing messages must be refreshed from time to time so prospects will not become bored with the our words and efforts. We must upgrade our messages to reflect changing products or services as well as the new and different times in which we market. New generations want new messages as well as products. Different people require a different approach from us.

Changed your product or service offered lately? Do your marketing messages reflect you new offerings? What about a new, and different, generation of prospects; your marketing must reach out to them in a language that they understand? Do you even understand the language of your prospects, the inclinations, the verbiage, and the need for communication? Do you understand the marketing methods that you can use?

What about the marketing messages that worked so well in the past and still apply to your current offerings? Have prospects “tuned us out” of their minds? Should we still utilize something that is not meeting our needs? If I attend a networking meeting where I introduce myself in turn with everyone else, I always attempt to make myself stand out to the point that others will want to meet with me and get to know me better. I also try to mix up the message and use new, fresh thoughts and words in my introduction.

Of course, that introduction is just the means we use to get a meeting with someone to start building a business relationship. There we apply Gratitude Marketing to discover what we can do to help someone else find what they need in their business. Just upgrading what we say to them when they ask what we do may be the ticket to developing a new prospect. We do not want them to believe that they have heard the story before from us or someone else. We must explain what makes us different and better.

Gratitude Marketing means that we develop relationships with others and discover what we can assist them in obtaining that will bring them success. We must understand that while our message may be truthful, sincere, and direct, it can also be boring and dull. We must understand changing generations and prospects who need to be excited as we are about what we offer. They will then actually hear what we have to say and understand more about our offering that will benefit them. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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