August 14, 2016

Warm Fuzzies

Many years ago one of my staff told me that she loved to get “warm fuzzies” when she completed an assignment or project. If she knew that she did her best, that the product was the best that she could have produced, and that the client department was receiving the most for their investment, she felt these “warm fuzzies” inside.

We must apply this same philosophy to our daily businesses and the relationships that we build and maintain. We must do our best to provide the best product or service to our customers and build the best relationships with everyone, even our non-customers, that we can. What is our best? Is it best for us, or is it best for our partners? Maybe we should make everything the best for everyone involved.

Are we always going to be the best for our customers? Of course we cannot. We may not be able to provide the best product or service depending on what the other person needs. We may not be able to provide something for the best price. We must strive to do our best to be the best vendor to as many other people as possible, giving them the product or service that is best for their need, at the best price we can.

Someone else may provide a more appropriate product or service for a better price. We cannot always have everything that everyone may need, and we cannot always have the lowest price. We should always do the best we can with the offerings that we have, making the effort to supply the most appropriate offering for the customer’s need, at the price that is fair to them and to us.

It does no one any good to go out of business by discounting prices. We should charge a fair price for our offerings, and not enter into a bidding war to get a quick sale. We must refrain from offering everyone a new deal and becoming known as the “cheap” business who charges whatever the public demands if this compromises our ability to back up the sale with great customer service.

Is it possible for our Gratitude Marketing to provide “warm fuzzies” to all parties involved? Of course it is possible. When we provide a great product or service for a fair price, with a marketing process that makes the customer know that we really have their best interest in mind, and top it off with great follow-up and customer service, everyone can get “warm fuzzies”.

When customers get “warm fuzzies”, they will become clients who have standing orders or upgrade their orders, and they will bring us referrals for our continued success. They tell others about their great experience with us, about our wonderful customer service, and our follow-up. They become our marketing partners and contribute to our continued prosperity in more ways than with just their purchases.

We must strive to have “warm fuzzies” from our marketing processes. We must also strive to give “warm fuzzies” to our customers and to everyone we meet, even if they do not become customers. Our Gratitude Marketing results in others knowing that doing business with us is rewarding, fun, and a true great experience. Then they will tell everyone else that they know about us. Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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