August 28, 2016


Often what we think to be true is not actually correct. Our perception of reality may not be what is really accurate. We must work to make the perception held by our prospects, customers, clients, and everyone else to be factual about our business and what it offers. Anything else will not bring us success.

When we have dealings with others we must discover what their perception of us is. What do they believe that we do as a business, how do they believe that we perform our business tasks, and what do they believe that we offer to the public? Do they believe that we are fair and honest business people; do they even know what we actually do as a business and what our buying process is? Is their perception accurate, or is it flawed in some manner?

Who are these other people whose correct perception is vital to us? It includes prospects, customers, clients, networking partners, lost customers, and anyone else that we know, have ever known, have ever met, or may have some knowledge of our business, or us, in any manner. Of all the people in the world, this group includes anyone who may have ever had any information about us in any way possible.

How do we discover what the perception of others is of us? Obviously the most direct manner is to ask them, actually have a conversation and obtain detailed and factual data that allows us to determine what the other person perceives. Some companies ask people to complete surveys, with preconceived questions that are either true/false or multiple-choice. This is not conducive to obtaining information that is detailed or even factual, and may be tainted by what the requesting party already thinks is true.

What would anyone say if you asked them what they thought of you and your business? What would they say if you asked them what they thought of your products or your buying process, your website, your employees and their manner of marketing, or your customer service and follow-up? What would they say if you asked them why they stopped doing business with your company? These honest answers would be very informative if asked in the proper manner.

Sometimes we must face the facts that we don’t like. If people have the wrong perception about any part of our business, we must correct that fact. It doesn’t matter how wrong the perception of us may be, we must fix that perception and do so quickly. Otherwise the perception will spread to others like a wildfire in a dry forest. To fix that situation must be our objective as soon as we can.

Gratitude Marketing means that we do our best to treat others as well as we can. We must appreciate our relationships and business with others. We must make sure that others perceive us as the best people with whom they can do business and that we appreciate our relationships with others. If their perception of any portion of our business is incorrect, we must fix that error as soon as possible. Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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