August 21, 2016

Be Positive, Have Fun

This past week I spoke at a luncheon meeting and advised the attendees to be positive as they went through their daily functions and to have fun in whatever they do. When we work in a positive atmosphere, it is more enjoyable for others to interface with us. This makes everyone’s day so much better and so much more pleasant.

Every day we all should try to do something that will help others be better than when we first meet them. We should support them, advise them on ways that they can be more successful, give them helpful tips of how their business may fulfill its potential, or introduce them to others who may need whatever they offer or may also be partners as we are. We must be positive and supportive instead of negative or demeaning.

We should stop being sales people. We must become advisors, or partners, who learn what the other person needs, or wants, and helps them obtain that object of their desire. We must stop trying to sell whatever it is that we offer and help others obtain whatever they need or want. Then we can become networking partners with others and build relationships that benefit us all.

Actually this atmosphere makes us better to connect with, better to relate to, and better to communicate with. It makes us more pleasant to be around, in the same meeting or place, and be in a relationship. Knowing us in this manner makes us more popular and enhances our reputation as someone who others want to know, spend time with, and refer to others. We also are perceived as more authentic in whatever we say.

If we are not having fun in our everyday lives, no matter what we are doing, we must either change how we perform our daily functions or change whatever it is that we do. I have learned how miserable I could be when I was not having fun at work. I also learned how miserable the people who worked with me were when I was not fun to work with. It was like a disease.

When we are not fun to work with, no one wants to spend time with us, much less buy from us, or listen to our advice. In the past we have discussed that we must make the customer buying experience enjoyable for everyone involved. When our customer enjoys the buying process they will tell everyone that they know about it and recommend us to others. If we make the lives of others more fun, we will benefit.

Want to be known as the grump who only wants to sell someone whatever you have to sell? Want to have others tell everyone that doing business with you is no fun, that you don’t really care if what you offer is best for them, and that you only want to make a sale for your benefit? If so, you will realize that your success will suffer accordingly.

Start being a positive person each and every day. Be positive in your dealings with others and with yourself. Then make sure that you have fun in everything that you do and make sure that others with whom you interface also have fun. Gratitude Marketing means that we appreciate the relationships and business with others. Make sure that they enjoy the process and appreciate doing business with us. Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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