July 3, 2016

Be Professional

If you are operating a business, treat that business like a business and be professional in all your business dealings. Operate your business as if you were your own customer, treating every customer as human beings deserve to be treated, with respect and integrity. Be honest and forthright in everything that you do, with everyone with whom you interface, and with any employees that you have.

What is the mark of a business professional? You must operate your business as a business, not as a hobby, with all that this philosophy means. You answer your phone calls or you return calls that go to voicemail, you answer emails promptly and completely, your dealings with customers are completed with honesty, integrity, and ethics, and you honor your customers for their continued business and referrals.

You also treat your networking partners with respect, building relationships that help all involved to accomplish their goals promptly and completely. You assist others to be successful, mentoring those who have less experience, and teaching other business owners how to be as professional as you are. Your networking partners know that you are the type of person who they should imitate and follow.

In addition, your employees respect you for how you treat them, also with respect, honesty, and ethics. You encourage them to improve their talents, rise about their status with your business, and perhaps move forward to other, better positions elsewhere if appropriate. When you can, you encourage and assist them in their personal lives and know that if you do this, their business lives will be better.

Finally, be a product of your own product or service. If what you offer is good enough for others, it is also good for you. If you cannot see the value or reward in being your own customer, why would anyone else? The fact that whatever you offer is beneficial to you is one of the best endorsements that your business can enjoy.

Take these characteristics together and you have a professional business owner. Operating your business as a serious business person means that you want a business, not a hobby. You take your business seriously and believe that your business should reflect the all of these aspects of true customer service and great products or service.

Being professional also means that you practice Gratitude Marketing. What has been detailed above describes business persons who believe that Gratitude Marketing is the backbone of a successful business. If you have followed these blogs previously, you know this to be an indication of being professional.

Want to be known as someone with whom others want to partner? Practice Gratitude Marketing and operate your business in a professional manner, ethically, honestly, and with integrity. Treat your client, customers, prospects, referrals, employees, and all others with the same principles that you would want to be treated, as human beings. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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