June 26, 2016

Write It Down

“It’s not real unless you write it down.” - Jordan Adler

If you have a goal or something that you plan to do in your life, it is not real unless you write it down. Want to go on a trip to an exotic location; write it on your calendar. Want to accomplish a business goal; write it down on your goals list. Want to acquire a new convertible; write it down, or put a picture on your dream board.

Whatever you want, you must treat it seriously and make it real. To make it real, you must commit to it and make it part of your life. To do that, you must put life into whatever it is. All this is accomplished by putting the event, goal, or whatever on paper, by writing it down. That way you commit yourself to working towards making it happen.

We all have dreams; we all have stuff that we want to accomplish. We all have goals that we want to reach, levels of achievement that we want to gain. Want to take a trip to a resort? You can do it, but you must write it down to make it happen. Want to gain 5 new prospects; write that goal down. Again, you can do it, but you must write it down to make it happen.

Does the act of writing a goal down make it easy to achieve? Maybe it does, or maybe it doesn’t. Writing it down makes it factual, and writing it down makes us take the goal, or whatever, seriously. It makes us look at it with a different eye, one that tells us that we can actually do it, that we can accomplish that dream or that goal. Then we go out and make it happen

Writing down a goal or dream makes us commit to it, but does it make it really achievable? Not actually. It doesn’t make it any easier to make it happen, but it does place it in the realm of reality instead of in that fuzzy dreamland that we only see in our sleep or in our mind. It brings the goal or dream into the world of black and white objectives that we can see each and every day. It makes us stop talking about something and makes us try to do it.

What if the goal or dream cannot become real; what if it is actually not possible for us to accomplish it? Then maybe we should adjust our dream or goal to something that we can accomplish. Maybe we need to list or write down the gradual steps to accomplish whatever we want to reach. Intermediate stages of whatever we want to do will be easier to reach and will encourage us to reach our ultimate dream.

How does Gratitude Marketing play into this practice of writing down goals and dreams? Gratitude Marketing is the tool, the practice that will allow, or enable, us to accomplish our goals and dreams. Gratitude Marketing can be a dream and a goal in itself. Make it your goal to practice it more each day. Undertake the goal to show your gratitude to each and every one you meet every day.

So what are your goals and dreams? What do you want to accomplish today, tomorrow, next week, or next year? Do you want more prospects, customers, clients, or more networking partners? Is a new house or car on your dream board? If not, why not? Write them all down and refine them as often as needed. Gratitude Marketing can make them all happen, but only if you seriously make them part of your life. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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