June 26, 2016

Write It Down

“It’s not real unless you write it down.” - Jordan Adler

If you have a goal or something that you plan to do in your life, it is not real unless you write it down. Want to go on a trip to an exotic location; write it on your calendar. Want to accomplish a business goal; write it down on your goals list. Want to acquire a new convertible; write it down, or put a picture on your dream board.

Whatever you want, you must treat it seriously and make it real. To make it real, you must commit to it and make it part of your life. To do that, you must put life into whatever it is. All this is accomplished by putting the event, goal, or whatever on paper, by writing it down. That way you commit yourself to working towards making it happen.

We all have dreams; we all have stuff that we want to accomplish. We all have goals that we want to reach, levels of achievement that we want to gain. Want to take a trip to a resort? You can do it, but you must write it down to make it happen. Want to gain 5 new prospects; write that goal down. Again, you can do it, but you must write it down to make it happen.

Does the act of writing a goal down make it easy to achieve? Maybe it does, or maybe it doesn’t. Writing it down makes it factual, and writing it down makes us take the goal, or whatever, seriously. It makes us look at it with a different eye, one that tells us that we can actually do it, that we can accomplish that dream or that goal. Then we go out and make it happen

Writing down a goal or dream makes us commit to it, but does it make it really achievable? Not actually. It doesn’t make it any easier to make it happen, but it does place it in the realm of reality instead of in that fuzzy dreamland that we only see in our sleep or in our mind. It brings the goal or dream into the world of black and white objectives that we can see each and every day. It makes us stop talking about something and makes us try to do it.

What if the goal or dream cannot become real; what if it is actually not possible for us to accomplish it? Then maybe we should adjust our dream or goal to something that we can accomplish. Maybe we need to list or write down the gradual steps to accomplish whatever we want to reach. Intermediate stages of whatever we want to do will be easier to reach and will encourage us to reach our ultimate dream.

How does Gratitude Marketing play into this practice of writing down goals and dreams? Gratitude Marketing is the tool, the practice that will allow, or enable, us to accomplish our goals and dreams. Gratitude Marketing can be a dream and a goal in itself. Make it your goal to practice it more each day. Undertake the goal to show your gratitude to each and every one you meet every day.

So what are your goals and dreams? What do you want to accomplish today, tomorrow, next week, or next year? Do you want more prospects, customers, clients, or more networking partners? Is a new house or car on your dream board? If not, why not? Write them all down and refine them as often as needed. Gratitude Marketing can make them all happen, but only if you seriously make them part of your life. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

June 19, 2016

Don’t Do That

One of the guiding rules of business is to be positive and put forth a positive feeling in your customers. That philosophy should be reflected in your dealings with your prospects, customers, and clients. Negativity has no place in your daily business and will drag you down mentally, physically, and emotionally. However, there are some observations that we should consider on how not to operate your business.

You must make the experience of your prospect, customer, client, and everyone else to be positive and make them believe that you actually care about them. They should reflect back on any interaction as enjoyable enough that they would refer others to you without a pause or hesitation. The following examples violate this principle.

-      -   Automated answering services that offer no means of reaching an actual person or leaving a message. If your caller’s inquiry does not fit any of the choices that your service provides, what do they do if they cannot reach a live person or are able to leave a call back request?
-       -   Businesses whose phones are answered by a centralized service, without any notification to the caller. The caller is left mystified that the attendant does not know what office they are calling or does not recognize name of the company’s representative.
-       -   Business cards without any means of contact. If you do not provide your name, business name, phone number, email, and web address, are you really in business? If you do not want to provide your physical address, provide a mailing address such as a private mail box.
-       -   Pricing which seems to the prospect to fluctuate by the day of the week. While this may not be true, if your prospect believes it, you have a creditability problem.
-       -   Being ignored when you enter a place of business or being required to wait when there are sales associates standing around seemingly engaged is chit chat. A restaurant which makes people wait to be seated when there are vacant tables will lose the patrons who walk out and will never see any referrals.
-       -   Websites which cannot be accessed without a detailed sign up process including subscribing to a newsletter or frequent emails. Businesses must provide complete information and the ability for the visitor to contact the business without exposing them to an onslaught of sales pitches.
-       -   Businesses with long, detailed customer agreements resulting in unauthorized upgrades or add-ons which are buried in the fine print. Just tell the prospect what you have to offer, how much it costs, and exactly what they are buying in simple terms without the cloudy restrictions and stipulations.

These are just some of the negative aspects of business that I have seen in the last few weeks. We must strive to make the prospect believe that the initial contact, as well as the total buying experience, is a pleasant one, maybe even fun. The easier that it is to do business with us, or even just get to know us, the more referrals that the prospect will send to us. That is Gratitude Marketing.

How do prospects and customers view your business? Do they smile when they think of you and their experiences with you? If not maybe you should ask them for their detailed opinion. Maybe it is time for a Gratitude Marketing assessment of your business, your processes, and even yourself. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

June 12, 2016

The P’s of Business

Often I recommend that anyone starting a business, or struggling to make a success of one, think of the P’s of Business. Just like any other philosophy, the P’s of Business will offer guidance to anyone who is getting their business off the ground or to someone else whose business may need a boost. For others, maybe they could get your mind thinking, always a good thing to do.

The first P is that you operate your business as a professional. Your business must be run as a business, and in a professional manner. You are a business person, not someone with a hobby. While the business may be one of love, perhaps even an offshoot of a fad, it is a business. Therefore, it deserves your attention to detail, your devotion to its operation, and your dedication to everyday needs. Do you want to be considered as a professional by your fellow business owners? Act like a professional.

The second P is that you operate your business with passion for it, and its services and/or products. Are you a product of your product or services? If you do not utilize your offerings to market your services, why not? What type of example do you set for your customers or clients? If what you offer is good enough for your prospects, it should be great for you. Credibility is a foundation of prosperity.

The third P means that you treat everyone as a person, not as a prospect or customer number. Everyone who you meet is a human being, with feelings, thoughts, and needs. If you cannot solve someone’s needs or wants, help them find someone who can. Help others get the assistance that they need to prosper and succeed. Karma will reward you in the long run. Personal contact and assistance is a lost art, and you will gain a great reputation, and new business, through your practice of it.

A fourth P of business is persistence. This does not mean that you keep hammering away at prospects until they buy from you just to shut you up. It means that you keep working your business through thick and thin, on good days and bad ones, never quitting on a bad day. You maintain your adherence to the P’s of Business and other great customer service traits no matter the naysayers who pummel you with negativism.

So how do these P’s of Business incorporate Gratitude Marketing? Do you really have to ask after all these years of these postings? Gratitude Marketing reflects these P’s of Business at their best. These P’s dovetail with every point that we have made about Gratitude Marketing. They also can be the basis for a successful business.

Does your business need a pick-me-up? Does it seem to have gotten dull and boring? Do your sales seem to be lagging? Why not try to emphasize the P’s of Business and see if they make your life and that of your business operation better. Happy clients make a business better; happy business owners make it even better. The P’s of Business will make you proud of what you do and even more proud of your business accomplishments. That will make everyone happier. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

June 5, 2016

Do You Ever?

Do you ever think of how you make other people feel? Do you ever think about how your actions might make someone feel better, or worse? Do you ever consider what you might do to make someone’s day better than it was before you took action? Do you ever consider the impact of others’ actions on your life and feelings? How do you react to whatever other people do for, and to, you?

We all go merrily about our days’ activities and very seldom give a thought as to the impact we can have on others, on their feelings or on their mood. We just bumble along, doing whatever we do, and hardly ever consider how what we do might mean to anyone else. We are so busy with getting our tasks done, we rarely think of the effect that we have, or might have, on others in our lives.

It is time for us to straighten up and think of what we can do to better the lives of others. If we are going to have an influence on others, we should at least make that influence a positive one. We should do everything that we can to make others know that we appreciate them and what they do for us. In addition we should let them know that their positive actions toward other people besides us is also noticed and appreciated.

“Why should I show appreciation towards others for what they do for anyone besides me?” you ask. I ask, “Why not?” Wouldn’t your day be better if a total stranger noticed something that you did for someone else and told you that what you did was nice? Wouldn’t that expression make you feel better and believe if your efforts were not for naught? Perhaps you could use their statement as an opportunity to start a conversation with them and begin a networking relationship with them.

If someone can make a different in another person’s day by taking actions to better the lives of others, than recognizing what these people do should also be noticed. Recognizing people for their positive actions toward others can be the start of a movement, a revolution of kindness. Their kindness results in your kindness towards them, and karma will reward you for your kindness toward them. This could be really great for everyone.

This revolution of kindness begins with a simple act of kindness directed towards someone. Gratitude expressed toward someone for what they do, either for you or for others, follows along. “Thank you” is such a simple phrase, but it may not be the most familiar phrase shared today. Maybe we can start a movement to make it more common and make it expressed much more often. Maybe we can even teach our children, and those of others, to say those words more often. Then we can start trying to use “You’re welcome” more often.

Gratitude Marketing enables us to change the lives of everyone involved. It makes the lives of all the people involved better and happier. It also results in success for everyone involved since it provokes karma to return the goodness to those who express it. When other people are appreciated, happier, and feel your honest gratitude, they know you better, like you more, want to do business with you, and will refer business to you. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.