May 22, 2016

Gratitude Part 2

One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat him at politeness.” - Josh Billings

Gratitude Marketing means that we show gratitude to others for many reasons. One of the best ways that we can show gratitude is to thank others for what they do for us. Another way is to thank others for what they do for other people, when we are not included in any manner. We need to recognize these people for their actions towards everyone.

That recognition builds relationships as well as making everyone feel better about themselves and better towards everyone else. It even makes us, when we recognize what others do, feel better about life in general. When we all believe that life is positive, we are better business people and attract more customers and clients. Therefore all of us are more prosperous and will succeed in our businesses.

While practicing Gratitude Marketing, every person must be polite in their dealings with everyone that they meet. It does not matter what happens when we meet someone, we can be polite and friendly with everyone we have the opportunity to meet. If we begin to establish a relationship with anyone, our actions can be based on politeness towards others. Just maintain a professional attitude, and politeness will follow.

Professionalism should be the watch word for operating a business. That would include honest, ethical business dealings. Everything that we do is part of our marketing, and if we do our marketing correctly, success in the form of completed sales will fall into our laps. Our marketing reflects our philosophy towards others and in our day to day operations. Marketing is what other people see, and we should let them see our best.

Does being polite and practicing gratitude towards others mean that we cannot be individuals in our businesses? Of course it does not. Showing our appreciation for what others do, for us and for other people, becomes part of our individualism. We should all embrace Gratitude Marketing as a basic philosophy that will result in more success for our businesses.

Operating any business with professionalism and politeness is the new standard for success. Karma returns to us exactly what we put forth, and we never know from where the return will come or when it will arrive. Wouldn’t we want others to deal with us in the best manner; wouldn’t we want others to treat us well? It just makes sense to us as business owners.

Gratitude Marketing, including politeness towards others, will result is success for us and our businesses. Building relationships with others means partnerships and means referrals of others with whom we may form further relationships, acquire customers, and turn customers into clients. All of this results in more success for our businesses. If we don’t like someone, smother them with politeness. Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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