May 14, 2016

Get Going

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Mark Twain

We all know people who just cannot seem to accomplish anything. They always seem to be working, but they never get anything done. They are busy doing stuff, but nothing ever seems to be finished. On the other hand we all know people who plan everything that they do down to the finest detail, but again nothing ever seems to be accomplished. They have great plans but no achievements to show for the planning.

It is imperative that we plan what we are going to accomplish in our businesses. Without plans we go off in all directions and never know what we need to do next to accomplish the end goals. Without plans we waste money, time, and effort, whether it is ours or that of our employees. We must have simple, detailed goals that lead us to our objectives, and our goals must be written down. We do have written, detailed goals, don’t we?

However, we can have all the goals and plans to accomplish those goals that we can write down, and we can still never achieve anything if we don’t get started doing something. We must take action on accomplishing the plans and goals that we have. We cannot just lay out plans on paper or wherever we have them; we must actually take the action steps to do them. We must take a leap of faith.

Sometimes action steps can be very intimidating, and we may be afraid of trying anything that is outside our natural abilities. We may be faced with doing something that we don’t have the knowledge to accomplish, and we may need to ask for help from others, someone who we must trust. Sometimes we must just jump into the deep end of the pool and see what happens. We may have researched the water over and over, but now we need to get wet.

What if we do need the help of someone else; what if we must trust someone who knows more than we do? We research that person and their talents when we find someone who we think can help us, someone in whom we believe. Then we trust them, follow their lead, and do what they tell us to do. Only through complete trust and faith in them, and their expertise, can we reap the rewards of taking the chance.

Our networking partners, with whom we have built relationships through Gratitude Marketing, should be the source of the help that we may need. If they are not the actual person, or persons, that we need, they may connect us with the person who will lead us to success and to accomplishing our goals. That is why we have built these relationships; that is why these partnerships are in existence. If these partnerships cannot help us now, when can they help us?

Very often our networking partners will give us the best advice that we could ever have. When asked for help, or when they hear that we cannot seem to accomplish our goals or plans, they may just tell us to get started and work on the situation. After all that is one of the reasons that we have built these relationships, to have someone to tell us when we are doing something wrong, or not doing what we should do.

Gratitude Marketing builds relationships with others whom we trust and with whom we share our thoughts, beliefs, and goals. Those relationships are there to kick in when we need to get started and go to work. Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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