May 8, 2016

Friends and Partners

Our networking partners usually become our friends who share our goals, dreams, and objectives for our businesses and for our lives. They have an interest in our successes for our businesses and for our achievements in our lives. We meet, establish relationships, and help each other in accomplishing what will make us all successful. We are there when someone else needs us; we support each other.

Over and over we have discussed how we should go to business meetings to build relationships, not to sell whatever we offer to the public. No one wants to engage us in a meeting if all we want to do is sell them something, either a product or service. Professional business people build relationships, engage in partnerships that would enable businesses to prosper, and try to help each other succeed.

Building relationships may take various lengths of time and may follow various paths. Sometimes the relationship just sparks almost instantly, and sometimes building it takes a long period of time. Sometimes, no matter how hard we work at the process, the relationship will never succeed, and sometimes the relationship does not last no matter how old it is. Sometimes what seems to be working just dies a slow death.

What does this networking relationship mean; what does it involve? Networking partners look after each other’s business goals, their objectives, and their dreams. They learn what their partner wants for their business success and how they plan to achieve that success. They may even help their partner determine these goals and objectives and the means to achieve them. These business owners are partners and share their successes.

Do business partners ever become friends? Of course, we cannot build relationships that are solid, honest, and lasting and restrict them to only business. If we try to separate our business lives from our personal ones, how do separate our customers and clients from our friends? If we try, we will damage our relationships and lose friends, lose clients, and lose the success in our business and personal lives that we desire.

Can business partners lose the magic that was behind the relationship that has been built? Something may occur that causes the relationship to cease being productive for one partner or the other. One of the partners may engage in some activity that doesn’t live up the standards for a professional partnership. Whatever, the partnership becomes damaged and may never be repaired.

Building relationships is the best practice in which any business person can engage, and it can be the ticket to success for both partners. It can also be the basis for a friendship that can equal the level of the business success. It can literally be a win-win for both parties. However, it does require work, and intelligent work at that.

Can one follow the practice of Gratitude Marketing in the building of relationships? Of course, and it can make relationships stronger and more productive than they would be without it. We stated last week that it is the best method of building relationships with everyone you meet. Gratitude Marketing should be the foundation of every relationship, whether they begin as business or personal. Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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