April 10, 2016

Sales vs Marketing

Marketing is everything that we do before we make a sale. It is every word that we say, every promotion that we offer, and every smile, frown, and other gesture that we make. It is all the words of appreciation and gratitude that we offer to others and gestures of support that we put forth.

Marketing is also everything that we do after the sale, all the communications, verbal or non-verbal that we utilize. The words that we speak and the gestures that we show only reinforce the sale that has taken place previously. Whatever we do will only make someone happy or sad that they engaged with us in business.

So what exactly is the sales part of this equation? Marketing is everything that we do up to the point that a prospect signs their name and becomes a customer. Marketing is also everything that we do after the sale takes place. The sale is only the point that the prospect agrees to become the customer that we desire. Don’t blink; you might miss the moment.

Is that correct? The sale is that moment when the prospect decides that whatever we offer is what they want and they want it enough to actually make a purchase. It only is a fleeting moment that changes the relationship from one where our prospect changes to a customer, one of the most valuable assets of any business.

The sales moment may be one of the most rewarding moments for any business; it also may be the moment that allows us to build the self confidence that we need to be successful in further marketing efforts. Marketing brings us sales, which require more marketing to retain the customer’s loyalty. If we do our marketing right, the sale falls into our lap.

So why must we continue our marketing after the sale is made? We should make every effort to make our new customer happy and glad that they decided to exchange their money for our offering, whether it is a product or service. We must attempt to change the customer to a client. What is the difference between someone who is a customer vs someone who is a client?

A customer is someone who buys from us, maybe for the first time, who we want to convert into a repeat customer. We want them to be on a renewing contract, or subscription, and they may call us regarding upgrades or extensions of their purchase. They will tell others about how happy they are with their relationship with us, suggesting that their business partners or clients become our customers.

A customer of a restaurant will be seated at the first available table, even maybe the one near the kitchen. A client will be seated at a favored table, by the window or with a favorite waitperson. A client will be willing to wait for their favorite waitperson, knowing that they may not need to even see a menu or hear about the specials. The restaurant personnel know what a client wants or prefers.

Gratitude Marketing will gain us the sale in the beginning, but also enable us to retain the customer afterwards. If we do it correctly, Gratitude Marketing will turn a customer into a client. It is so much easier to turn customers into clients than chasing prospects, but Gratitude Marketing is the answer for both efforts. Please leave me your comments here, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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