March 27, 2016

Walk Our Own Talk

All of us are more than willing to help someone else make their business and their life better. We all know that karma rewards everyone with the same type of effort that we put forth. We counsel and coach others with advice that should make everyone who hears us more successful and more prosperous.

However, are we ever guilty of not following our own advice? Do we recommend that others take one type of action and then follow a different path ourselves? Of course, we may argue that our situation is different from that of the other person or that we are different in some manner that only we can see. What are we doing; what are we exhibiting to others? Do we actually walk our own talk?

We all may tell everyone to buy local, to place our purchasing dollars into the local financial stream, assisting local business and local governmental tax revenue. It also may benefit us since we may be a local business that has a large, national, or world-wide business as a rival. After all, buying local may be a slogan that promotes us as well as the bakery on the corner. Do we follow that advice ourselves?

If we are going to influence others by offering advice to them and to counsel them on how they should operate their business, we must be the example of what we tell others. We must walk our own talk and be a product of our own product. If we are a realtor, telling everyone how they need to buy a residence and enjoy the tax and other benefits of being a homeowner, we should own our home. If we represent a nutrition product or plan, we must be an example by using our own plan and products.

“Lead by our own example” must be our mantra. Others should see us as the type of business person that they can be and how following our advice results in the type of prosperity that we have achieved. We must develop our credibility through being an example of how others should operate their business. This provides the leadership that shows others that what we preach actually works and how it would work for them.

In the past we have determined that a successful business is operated as a business, by a person who is a professional, not being in business for a hobby. The same person treats their prospects, customers, clients, and everyone else as individuals who are people, not statistics. Finally the business owner, and everyone who is an employee, must be a product of the product, or service, of the business. Thus, everyone sees us as the successful result of the product or service that we offer.

One of the best ways to lead others is by example. That is what we do when we walk our own talk. Others will see us as successful for what we do and how we do it. It applies to our marketing and to our customer relations. It also applies to how we treat our own employees. Being an example for our networking relationships is the best way to be a mentor for others.

When we tell others how they should operate their business, we must be the example for them in how whatever we advise them to do really does work for success. We must be a “working” mentor for our partners who we want to assist. We must walk our own talk. Please leave me your comments here, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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