March 20, 2016

Never Quit on a Bad Day

We have all good days and bad days in our business lives and in our personal lives. Everything may not go as expected, the weather may be dark and rainy, and everyone may not cooperate with us. We may believe that we cannot do whatever we set out to do that day, but we must never, ever quit on a bad day.

We all have goals, some of which must be long term, and some must be short term. We need daily goals, and we need weekly, monthly, or annual goals. If we get overwhelmed with the difficulty of annual goals, we should always break them down into shorter term goals. These are easier to visualize and are not so daunting to us. It helps soften the impact on our own spirit.

Our small accomplishments are stepping stones to our goals. We must recognize our small accomplishments for what they are. Every small accomplishment is important and vital to our own spirit and temperament. Maintaining our spirit is important to our ability to reach further accomplishments and our goals. Without celebrating these small accomplishments, we may never achieve the goals that will mean our overall success.

Goals must be attainable when they are originally written. Writing down goals means that we have committed to accomplishing them, that they are important and vital to us, and that they are seen as the building blocks of our success. Being able to mark written goals off is very therapeutic for a business person. It allows us to celebrate these accomplishments in a way that reinvigorates us and gives us the impetus to move forward toward further success.

Is it possible to have a bad day that would normally negatively impact our spirit and impede our forward motion to business success and still have small accomplishments that will refresh our resolve? Yes, most definitely small accomplishments may happen at the same time when other negative events loom over us. They will soften the blows of these negative events and will strengthen us.

Of course, if we suffer failures in our daily lives and the goals that we plan on accomplishing, we must never let those failures overshadow the objectives that we have in our overall goals or even in the smaller ones that would lead to our main objectives. We must have the resolve to see the process through to the end result and move on to the end game, the main goals of our business.

Goals should be written in pencil, not carved in granite. They must be adaptable to events that are out of our control and must be able to be revised as needed. We may see something that should make us change our goals and accomplish more than we ever thought before. Who knows; maybe we might be more successful through adaptability than we ever dreamed when we wrote our goals originally.

As business people we must never allow the events of an individual day, or even one hour, to make us give up and abandon our dreams. “Never quit on a bad day” is not just a saying to raise our spirits. It should be a philosophy and mantra for our success over the long haul. We should be better than allowing small events to drive us to failure. Please leave me your comments here, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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