February 21, 2016


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” - Aesop

Gratitude Marketing means that we recognize the actions of others whether we are the recipients of those actions or not. When someone does something that impacts our lives positively, we thank them. When someone does anything that impacts the lives of other people, we should also thank them.

We recognize those actions and make sure the person responsible knows that someone else believes that their effort was great. When someone takes the time and effort to do something for someone else, they must be recognized for their actions and shown appreciation and gratitude. It is good marketing, and it is good business.

Gratitude Marketing means that we follow the principles of good customer service and treat our customers, clients, prospects, family, and friends well, as human beings should be treated. This applies no matter who they are, where they are, or who they are to us. It doesn’t matter who they know, or what their business means to us. We do not pick who we are grateful to, and we do not slight anyone. We treat everyone the same way.

Why would we show gratitude to anyone who is not our customer? Maybe they just do not need what we have to offer; maybe they cannot afford our prices. They may know many people who do need what we have to offer, and they may know others who can afford our prices. They may also know others who know more others who also can become our customers.

The person we meet may not be the greatest prospect for our business. That prospect might be someone who that person knows or someone who those connections know. People do business with others who they know, like, and trust. They also refer business to those who they know, like, and trust. Very often a referral is better than the quick-to-sign customer who we meet.

Gratitude Marketing is not difficult or hard to accomplish. It is also not expensive. Bad marketing is very expensive; great marketing is not always costly. Sometimes the simplest marketing is the most effective. Great marketing is marketing that provides us the greatest return on investment (ROI). Does our marketing return us more than it takes to do it? Then it is great marketing. Gratitude Marketing is great marketing.

So what are examples of Gratitude Marketing? When we obtain a new customer, thank the person for doing business with us. Do it verbally and in writing. When that person introduces us to a potential customer or a referral partner, or both, thank them again. When that person continues to be our client, on an ongoing subscription or on new orders, thank them again on the anniversary of their initial customer anniversary.

Gratitude Marketing should be a habit for all of us, a very good habit which will result in more customers, clients, and prospects. It also makes us more appealing for others to know us and become our networking partners. Those people will bring us advice, assistance, and referrals. All in all, Gratitude Marketing can make us better business people and will also make us better people in general. Please leave me your comments here, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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