January 24, 2016

The Fourth Wall

When we watch a play, television show, or movie we watch from the Fourth Wall of each scene. Imagine walls around each scene, and this concept is quite clear and real. Some scenes even include the principles speaking to the Fourth Wall. The Netflix show House of Cards makes great use of this technique.

When we go about our day and interface with other people we should be aware of the Fourth Wall concept. What would we do different if there was an audience that was watching each and every act that we commit? How would we feel about what we do if we knew that there was an audience watching us all day long? Guess what, there is.

We may not know when or who or where, but what we do is being watched. The viewers may be total strangers or family members or customers or prospects. Very often we are being watched by people who we have met in the past or will meet in the future, or by people that know us very well.

What we do as we pass through our day is observed and recorded in the knowledge and memory of those people who see us and may return to impact our future lives. Very often I have met people who I did not previously know. They tell me that they have seen me in another setting, heard me speak, or know someone who knows me. Just this past week, I chatted with four such people who knew of me by reputation.

Many of us are guilty of talking to ourselves when no one else is around. These conversations may cover multiple topics, usually focusing on the current situation and how we are handling it. Sometimes we chastise ourselves; sometimes we praise ourselves. Often we debate with ourselves about what we should do or if what we have finished doing is correct. We are talking to the Fourth Wall of our imagination.

I was told that people are not crazy if they talk to themselves, only if they answer themselves. I have been talking to myself since I was about 6 years old, and answering since I was about 7. I have had many people question my sanity over the years, but I always want to have fun and enjoy life. Now that I don’t have as long as when I was younger, I plan to have as much fun each day as I can. My attitude is always “I live in my own little world, but it’s ok, they know me here.

Can we utilize the Fourth Wall concept to improve our business lives as well as our personal ones? Just live your life and interface with everyone as you would want them to deal with you, with your family. Treat everyone as human beings who deserve the best customer service possible, every time they interact with us. Complete each act during the day like someone is watching and recording what is done because someone may be. That’s Gratitude Marketing.

Gratitude Marketing is the backbone of a successful business. We may believe that being famous will make us successful. Being notorious for the actions that we should never have taken will not make us successful, only failures. We are products of our actions, good or bad, and may be famous or notorious. What does our Fourth Wall say about us? Please leave me your comments here, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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