December 13, 2015

Customer Care

Business boils down to a simple question: What type of people are we, and what type of business decisions should we make? We must base our business on two principles. First, we must do whatever is right and correct for our clients and prospects. Second, we must be the type of person who appreciates others. Only then can we prosper and share that prosperity with others.

Gratitude Marketing means that we actively look for opportunities to show our appreciation and gratitude to others. It should be a building block for our business. It also provides the backbone for better customer service and greater growth and prosperity for our businesses. It means that we give to others, with the intent to give to give, not to get. The fact that we will receive back better than we give is karma, plain and simple.

Customer service, or care, means that we treat everyone as valued entities and do not ignore anyone in that effort. This includes customers, clients, prospects, networking partners, family, friends, and strangers. Our own self-promotion pales in comparison to showing others how valuable they are and how much we appreciate them. Do not bombard everyone with great proclamations about how great we are, how wonderful our products are or our service is, or how long we have been in business

Bragging about ourselves or our businesses get old fast. Continuing to do it gets boring and becomes shallow sounding. All we need is one disgruntled former customer to post on social media or be quoted in the press to destroy our efforts to market through bragging. Vanity marketing is not the basis for successful businesses. Gratitude Marketing will deliver more business success.

Providing great customer care means being responsive to inquiries, resolving problems, and delivering orders on time, as requested. If orders cannot be delivered correctly, then business must rectify problems as soon as possible. Business must “do the right thing”, which means making decisions to support the customer’s needs and rights.

What do our customers say about our customer care? Do they look forward to doing business with us; do they believe that doing business with us is easy or tedious and difficult? What do they tell their friends and do they introduce others to us as prospects? What do our “lost” customers say about us, and do we even ask? Are we reputable, honest, and ethical in our business, or are we “shady” and untrustworthy?

Gratitude Marketing dictates that we provide the best customer care that we can. It means that we are professional, dedicated to being the best that we can be in our business, and looking to always “do the right thing”. Sometimes it means that what we go past the norm, what is expected, and what is considered adequate by others. It does not mean marketing through self-promotion, or Vanity Marketing.

It is time for better customer care, making our businesses appreciate our clients, prospects, networking partners, and showing that appreciation. Practice great customer care through Gratitude Marketing and see success and business prosperity. Karma cannot provide any other result. Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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