October 25, 2015


Recently I met someone who I describe as a business snob. This is a person who represents a product or service that they believe that everyone must buy. To not purchase their product or service is considered by them as an act of lunacy. Snobs treat anyone who does not believe as they do to be heretics. The prospect who rejects their approach may even be verbally attacked and their integrity questioned.

I always believe that we should be passionate about our business and what we offer to others. If we cannot be passionate about what we offer, how can we expect anyone else to believe that they should purchase from us? Being a product of our product and showing our passionate feelings is a strong marketing tactic that should resonant well with others.

We all believe in what we offer and may not understand why everyone does not rush to us to sign up as our clients. We often shake our heads and wonder how other people could not want what we have to offer. While that passion is commendable, we have to accept that others may not see what we see or may not be financially able to purchase from us.

Not everyone will need what we have, or they may not be as wise as our clients. They may not realize that we can help them be more successful in their business if they buy from us. We cannot sign every customer in the world; it is just not going to happen. When that time comes, we must thank the other person for the opportunity, keep in touch with them, and honor their decision professionally.

We must never labor the point to them that not doing business with us is wrong or will damage their business. We also must not be hostile toward them, and we must never berate them to their face, or to others, over their decision. We must be honest and polite and move on to other prospects. We must be professional and civil. Get over it and look elsewhere for another opportunity.

Lost prospects may become great networking partners. However, even that does not work in every case. There are people who just don’t understand that if we don’t become each other’s customers, we still can remain partners and have a networking relationship. They will always keep score and will never understand that giving to give is better than giving to get. We should never trust them because they will use everyone.

A snob believes that their product or service is the solution to everyone’s problems or needs. They think that their way is the only way and look down on those who disagree. They see their beliefs as the only true path and believe that we are too stupid to see the truth as they have explained it. Never react with hostility and remain a professional.

As we market, we must never take the attitude of the business snob. We can believe passionately in our business and what we offer to others, but we must accept that not everyone will agree with us and will not buy from us. When we are faced with that rejection, we must move on to other prospects and never be vengeful or rude.

Practicing Gratitude Marketing offers us so many opportunities to express our appreciation for whatever other people do, for us and for others. Never let our marketing be tainted by petty feelings and snobbish words from us. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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