September 27, 2015


Everyone in business must be aware of their brand. Our brand is what everyone else thinks of when we come to mind, the image that they have of us. Our brand may be our logo, our website, our business card, or our appearance. It is all these things and much more. It is tangibles and intangibles. It is what defines us to others.

In the past we have discussed that everyone’s logo, business name, website, business cards, and promotional marketing must reflex the same image. Our logo and business name must be consistent in color, image, and all other traits. Our website, emails, promotional material, and everything else must be consistent.

Over and above our marketing material is the image that we present ourselves. From our looks and demeanor to our speech, our gestures, and our behavior we establish and present our brand. Do we want to be known as the solemn, strict business at-all-times person, or do we want to project an image of fun and light-heartedness? Are we looking to appear as everyone’s friend, or do we want to be known as distant?

Our manner of dress, our approachability, and our habits all contribute to our image, and our image is our brand. Some businesses want their brand to indicate they are large, stable, and trustworthy, such as insurance companies. Some companies want to exhibit an air of light-hearted work, vibrant inventiveness, and support for new ideas. Employees and leaders reflect these traits in their mannerisms and activities.

Look at the logos, websites, and places of business for insurance companies. They project an air of stability, strength, and longevity. Their brand is an image of reliability. They believe that their clientele will be more welcoming to that brand, thus increasing the chances for successful marketing. Their brand changes only to modernize.

The images of technical development companies may be very different. They want to be seen as innovative, more in touch with a changing environment, more prone to quick change in products and services. Is that different from more conservative companies? There may be multiple ways to market the same level of culture, but show our image in vastly different ways. Different images may project the same type of reliability.

What type of image or brand do we need to develop in order to attract our prospective clients? We cannot be all things to everyone. We must develop a brand that shows the world what we are, what we can offer to our prospects, and how we operate both when we market to prospects and what we do once the prospect becomes a customer. What brand turns a customer into a client?

Gratitude Marketing is very much part of a brand. What image do we want to project to our prospects, our customers, and our clients? What do we want them to picture when they want to refer others to us? Are they accurate in interpreting our brand or image, and what can we do to educate them? Do they really know us? Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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