August 2, 2015

Spam or Help?

When I began this blog, almost 5 years ago, and when I write each weekly posting, my intent has always been to provide information that is helpful to readers who might be business owners or employees. I believe that the majority of businesses are operated by well-meaning people who have been led astray by “experts” who do not understand marketing which builds relationships and also stresses great customer service.

I always attempt to offer suggestions, information, and advice regarding the treating of all customers who are as important to our businesses. Basing our business culture on gratitude for the customers that we have, the referrals that they bring to us, and the support that our fellow business owners provide to us is how to build business success. Business people need to hear and learn these facts and how to implement them.

One of the most basic parts of any business is its corporate culture. If we work to base our businesses on gratitude for our customers, our prospects, and everyone else, we will reap success and be known for our culture of gratitude. The people that we want to have as our customers, the prospects that we meet, and all the rest of our network of people will know us for our culture and will want to experience that philosophy.

While some people may believe that I write my blog posts as advertisement for my business, I always intend the postings as information that will assist businesses to improve their marketing and their bottom line. I never mention my business name in any of my blog postings, nor do I ever advise anyone to do business with me or do I ever charge anyone for my marketing advice. I believe in giving to give, not to get.

It requires 10 times the money, time, and effort to convert a prospect to a customer. Why should we spend all that on another prospect? Why not apply Gratitude Marketing and show appreciation and gratitude to that customer and turn them into a client? Cold calling is for losers; successful businesses build their success through client referrals and the good will that Gratitude Marketing culture brings.

What is the difference between a customer and a client? A client is a customer who has a repeating order without being reminded and may be on an automatic order basis, like a subscription. Clients willingly give referrals because they believe that they have a vested interest in the well-being of the business, knowing the networking relationship will bring them referrals and success.

Gratitude Marketing should be equally applied to networking partners, who may not be our customers or clients. Their networking relationships with us make them our friends and partners in life and business. Karma tells us that we will receive back exactly what we put forth, either good or bad. It may not come back to us immediately or from the person we “touch”, but it will return some day from someone.

Gratitude Marketing means that we give to give, not to get. Information is the most powerful gift that we can give, but we cannot make anyone use that information if they do not want to do so. If anyone believes that these blog posts are spam or a solicitation for business, then stop reading them. Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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  1. Thanks for making the effort to do this blog each week, Jim. I know it takes a lot and I for one want you to know that I appreciate it. You have my gratitude for sharing your thoughts and advice.