August 9, 2015

So, You Have a Business

Every business person, whether they are a business owner or an employee, should have guidelines in how they conduct their life. If we do not have standards to follow and policies that reflect our manner of living, we will fail in both our business and personal lives.

1.) Every business person should operate in a professional manner. We must treat our business as a business, not as a hobby. We ought to devote every effort that we can to our business, its customers, prospects, employees, and anyone else involved. We should be honest and ethical, provide great customer service, and build relationships with everyone.

We must be supportive, loyal, and reputable and never do business with anyone who does not conduct their business professionally. Above all, we must run our business, no matter what it is, as a business. To do less is disrespects everyone who does operate as such, with their heart and soul involved.

2.) Each of us must operate with passion. We must show the rest of the world that we believe in what we do, have pride in what we do, and treat everyone well. We must believe in these traits, showing that belief and pride to our prospects and any customers that we have. Others will know if we don’t really believe in what we do, the product or service that we have, or what it should mean to others.

We also must be a product of our product or service. If we don’t actually use what we market, no one else will. They may even consider us to be frauds. No one can possibly believe that they should purchase our product or service if we ourselves do not utilize it. If it isn’t good enough for us, how can others believe that it is good for them?

3.) Finally, we must be personal with other people. This includes treating everybody as a person, a human being, and as a valuable part of our lives, not just part of our businesses. Stop looking at others for what they can spend with us and see what we can do for them. Give to give, not to get.

When we put service to others before our profits, karma will bring goodness to us and our businesses. Turn customers into clients through gratitude for what they do for us, for others, and for the world in general. Money will follow our gratitude. All of us will prosper, and success will follow the karma that we put forth.

We all need to take a look at ourselves and our businesses and see how these principles can apply to us. How have we slacked off from what caused us to be in business originally; how has our demeanor and behavior changed since we started our businesses; how do we view prospects, customers, and everyone else? Have we lost the essence of karma that served us so well originally?

Can we honestly say that we are professional in all that we do and say? Are we passionate about our business, and are we a product of our product or service? Can we say that we treat everyone in a personal manner, as people, not as numbers in the business? Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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