July 26, 2015

Why Don’t We Use What We Learn?

We go to seminars, we join webinars, we listen to CD’s, we watch DVD’s, and we read books. Why don’t we use what we learn in all these ways, from all these sources? Why do we make the effort in the first place if we don’t at least try to apply what we learn? What are we doing, and why are we doing it, or not doing it?

If we keep doing what we always have done, why are we amazed when we get what we have always gotten? That is the question that we should ask ourselves more often about so many situations. Other people share new ideas with us all the time, and often we do nothing with these ideas. Why don’t we at least try something new and different?

We have all heard the reasons, or made the comments. “That won’t work here (or now, or for us, or in our company). We have always done it this way. We have never tried that. Our company is different. That is too expensive (or too time consuming to learn). Our clients won’t understand. We can always just work harder.”

We went to that seminar so we would learn something that would help us improve our business. We listened to an amazing person tell us all about the tools that we should apply to our business processes in order to streamline our operations. We even bought the DVD’s and the books to help us implement the new steps to improve our business.

So are all the notes we took going to be used. Are we going to share the information, DVD’s, books, and anything else that we got with our co-workers? What are we going to do, stack the stuff we got in a closet or use it? It makes us wonder why we went to the seminar at all. Maybe we should act like a responsible business owner and take the action that reflects the intelligent decision that we already made.

Perhaps we should discuss what we learned with someone that we met at the seminar. Maybe they have some insight into how the information might help us improve our business and how to actually apply what we learned. We did make at least one connection at the seminar, didn’t we? We did try to establish some networking partnerships at the event, didn’t we? If not, what were we really doing there?

If we are responsible and intelligent business people, maybe it’s time we started acting like responsible and intelligent business people. We must start applying what we learn to our businesses and see if we can make positive changes. If what we try doesn’t work, we must see what we can alter to do something positive. Maybe we should justify the money we spent on the seminar, like responsible business owners.

Successful and responsible business people, whether they are owners or employees, should always be open to learning new tools for their operations. We must all spend a certain amount of time each, and every, day on self-improvement. If we are what we believe, intelligent people who make intelligent decisions, we will see the stupidity in wasting money on education and never applying what we learn.

How can we spend time on self-improvement? How can we combine this education effort with our gathering more networking partners? What do we want to actually do with information that we learn from our self-improvement? Intelligent, responsible business people will answer these questions in a positive manner. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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