July 12, 2015

Have Fun

Anyone who knows me understands (often while shaking their heads) that I must have fun while I do what I do. If we are not having fun in whatever it is that we do, we will never enjoy the work involved. Also, we will never be successful in our businesses if we are plodding through every day with no fun involved.

Happiness is very important to anyone who works as a business owner or to those employees who make the business operate smoothly. If we are not having fun and are unhappy, it will show in our operation and in our interface with clients and prospects. No one wants to do business with anyone who never smiles, and no one wants to engage with a business which makes its representatives grumpy.

When we are marketing we must make our contacts believe that we enjoy what we do. Everyone who we meet must learn to know, like, and trust us. If they believe that we are miserable in our business, they will not like us or trust that we will be in that business much longer. They do not want to engage with people who are miserable.

Seriously, would any of us want to interface with business people or networking partners who are moody, unhappy, never laugh, and just drag through life? We should prefer partners who are happy, smile a lot, and project happiness through their actions and their mode of operation. Life is too short to do business with miserable people.

Anyone who has ever ordered from Zappos knows that their motto is “Delivering Happiness”, and they do it each and every day. We must strive to make doing business with us, and our employees, a process that brings happiness and joy into the lives of our prospects, clients, and networking partners. We must make sure our employees are happy in their jobs and our customers are happy that they do business with us.

This does not mean that we have to “give away the store”. We just need to treat everyone as a human being, be professional and fair in our operation, and concentrate on doing the “right thing” always. We must treat others as how we should want to be treated. Personally, I am very high maintenance when I am a consumer, and I treat all my clients as I want to be treated.

There are times when one of the best actions we can take is a good, old fashioned belly laugh. We must let ourselves go and enjoy the moment when something strikes us as funny, even if it is something that we do that is not planned and might be odd. It might be something that occurs to us “out of the blue” or something that someone else says or does. It may be something that we hear on the television or radio or that we see in a coffee shop. We must enjoy the moment and let ourselves enjoy.

Of course, we should remember the words: “Enjoy the moment and smile so others will wonder what you are up to.” Maybe that wondering will bring some joy into the lives of some others, and maybe some people will just believe that we are a little crazy. However, they may also try to base their lives on these thoughts if they see success running wild in our lives.

Put some silly into our lives and then try to put some into the lives of others. See if we can bring joy and happiness to everyone we meet; that’s part of Gratitude Marketing. Our clients will appreciate doing business with us. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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