July 19, 2015

Give to Give

When we go about our daily lives, we have opportunities to “give” to others. We must “give” to others with the objective “to give”, never “to get”. People who strive to get may seem that they receive adequate benefits from their actions, but they will never realize the abundance that they can enjoy from giving to others in order to give.

Let’s explain what exactly is meant by “giving to give” instead of “giving to get”. When we give to give, we do so without basing our actions on whatever we may receive back. It doesn’t matter what we provide to others, from information to services, we just give without any strings or attachments. We do not expect a reward or any benefit from our action, nor do we make demands on the recipient of our action.

When we have the opportunity to provide information to someone who may benefit from our expertise, talent, or knowledge, we should help the other person by imparting the information to them. We must never attach any requirements that the other person must repay us or agree to any future return on our action. We must never imply such a requirement. We must provide what we give as giving to give, never to get. Information is power, and we empower others by giving them information that helps them.

The law of reciprocity is based on the theory of karma. I have a friend who, in his very blunt manner, says that karma means that whatever we do will return to us and either kiss us on the lips or bite us on our butt, depending on whatever we put forth into the universe. This belief in karma does not involve a cult type belief or any demands on any of us. It is just the belief that we receive back whatever we do for others.

We have all met people who always have a “hook” in whatever they do. They always look for the way to put others into their debt, setting up some return in the future. They never do anything for anyone without expecting a “return on their investment”. If there is not something in the future for them, they will not lift a hand to give anyone anything.

Do we really want to do business with this type of person? Do we really want to refer business to these people? Can we trust them to perform as upright business people and treat our referrals as we would want to be treated? Is this the type of person with whom we want to build a business relationship?

What if we operate our lives and our businesses by giving to give and not giving to get? Stop looking for the “hook” that benefits us and a way to make others dependent on us because we shared something with them. When you give advice or guidance to one of your networking partners it should be done because you have established a networking or business relationship with them, not for any other reason.

When we help other people, without expecting anything back for our efforts, we will most assuredly receive something good in return. It may come to us from the person we helped, it may come from someone they know, or it may not be connected to them at all. It will come to us, and we may not even see it coming, but it will come to us.

Conduct your business in a manner that will result in good karma for you, without expecting anything to be paid back to you for your efforts. Look to associate yourself with other networking partners who operate with the intent to give to give, not to get. Then enjoy your life as you help others enjoy theirs. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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