June 28, 2015

Luck or Work?

We all know people that seem to be lucky. Everything that they touch turns the right way for them. They go about their day, seeming to drift along, and they discover only success. Nothing seems to faze them. It seems to others that these people never see anything but success, and they don’t really do anything to make that happen.

Are these assumptions true, or are we wrong? Are these people that lucky? Does success follow them through life with no effort made by them to promote this success, or is there some other factor at work? Is it possible that these people work for every bit of success that they receive, that they actually deserve what they receive?

People ask me every day how they can become lucky in their business, how can they reap the success that they believe should come their way through very little, if any, effort of their own. I try to explain that success in business, like success in every part of life, requires work, good old fashioned work.

That work includes doing their job as their business requires, working their business as a business, not as a hobby. It requires serious effort, over time that may include various times of the day or night, multiple days of the week. We may place our families first, and aim to devote time to them, but we must learn to balance our time to devote whatever time our businesses require, at the time that is best. We must manage our time.

Someone asked me what my normal day is like. That depends on what I have scheduled versus what is required. I may include personal and business efforts in the same day, piggy-backing whatever I may need. My business is my fulltime effort, but I balance my personal life into whatever I do for business. That allows me to enjoy what I do, have fun doing it, and help others be more successful than they would be otherwise.

There are some basic efforts that everyone is required to perform in any business. Marketing includes everything that you do, or need to do, in your business. It includes networking, prospecting, delivery, collections, customer service, follow-up, and fixing any errors that are made. It involves work on your part, and by others.

We all must ask ourselves why we do whatever it is that we do for a business. Whatever it is that is our “why” must remain prominent in our thoughts. To satisfy our “why” we must manage our efforts, our “work”, that we must put forth to make our business a success. We must do whatever is required to complete our “why”, whenever needed.

So, is it luck, or is it work that makes anyone successful? Can anyone honestly say that their success is due to their incredible luck, without any work on their part? The next time we believe that someone is just lucky, we must look harder at their work that they have performed as a basis for their success, perhaps imitating their efforts ourselves.

Does a successful person rely on luck or do they concentrate and apply themselves to the “work” of their business, at the same time factoring Gratitude Marketing into their efforts? That “work” reflects the “why” that is the driving force behind everything that these people do to make their business, and themselves, successful. Please leave me your comments here, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691 to let me have your input.

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