June 21, 2015

A Meaningful Day

Every day when we awake, what are our thoughts about the day to come? What do we think about when we start planning our day? Do we look forward to the day’s activities, or do we dread what is to come? How do we feel, and what do we do about those feelings? Do we take charge of our day, or do we just accept it as it happens?

Our day is ours. We may not believe that, but it is true. We can make our day reflect our attitude and feelings. Otherwise, we can let others dictate how our day’s activities impact our feelings and those of others. We need to take charge of our lives and make each day as good as we can for everyone.

Every day I wake up and look into the mirror to see if I am vertical again. At my age that fact may not always be true. When I verify that I am indeed alive and able to look myself in the eye, I think 3 thoughts. First, I know that I am going to have good, maybe great, experiences that day. I know that I am going to do something good, maybe great, for someone else during the day.

In my effort to spread the word regarding Gratitude Marketing, I get to help others learn how they can build relationships with others. These others may be clients, prospects, family, friends, or anyone else. These relationships will benefit everyone involved and help businesses succeed and individuals improve their lives. Those facts make me feel very good about what I contribute to others with Gratitude Marketing.

The second thought that I have each morning is that I am going to have fun during the day’s activities. Everyone who knows me understands that I believe that everything that we do should contain some fun. If we are not having fun, we should stop what we are doing and decide how to include fun. Having fun should be one of our main daily objectives and will make all of us better people.

Laughter is very healthy for us, lightens our mood, and relieves stress. It does not replace professionalism, but it can make your daily contacts feel better about themselves and about you. Isn’t that a vital part of business success? Isn’t that a vital part of a successful life? It sure makes you stand out from others.

Finally, I think each day that I will finish the day being proud of what I will do during the day. I know that whatever I say or do, I will not be ashamed of the actions, conversations, or written words that I put forth with others, no matter who they may be. I will be truthful, supportive of those who need my support, and provide help to those who need my assistance. I will practice Gratitude Marketing.

This does not mean that I will agree with everyone whom I meet. It does mean that I will come to the defense of those who are wronged and make suggestions to right wrongs done by anyone. Whatever I can do to assist others be better is what I try to provide. Karma doesn’t mean that we can ignore what we do; it means that we will be rewarded for our actions, words, and even our thoughts.

Each day belongs to us and is whatever we want to make it to be. If we plan to have a good, meaningful day, we can do that. If we just let it happen, we have to live with whatever we get. Please leave me your comments here, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691 to let me have your thoughts.

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