April 26, 2015

Communications Part 2

Last week the discussion of communications brought several emails and even more telephone calls with the opinions of people who believe that we all need to improve our message. From emails to voicemail greetings, from telephone conversations to correspondence, we need to do a better job of expressing our ideas and thoughts in clear, concise means. We also need to apply some imagination and be more creative.

We must stop selling whatever we have to offer and first discover what the other person needs. We should begin building relationships and networking partnerships that will result in better business for all involved. We need to make others know that we really are grateful and appreciative for whatever they do, both for us and for third parties.

We have to be products of whatever we offer, not just telling others what to do, but doing it ourselves. We must lead by example, and show others that Gratitude Marketing can bring success beyond our wildest dreams. Our communications are the means to tell our story, but also to show our corporate culture to others. We can help ourselves, or we can shoot ourselves in our business heart.

We should begin to look at our communications as a vital part of our marketing and devote a portion of our operating budget to marketing. If we do the marketing correctly, and the sale falls into our laps. Just market and stop selling, and don’t ever view communications as a sale action. The sale is just the customer signing their name; marketing is everything else that leads to that moment.

Review every email, voicemail greeting, brochures, flyers, and all other types of communication for their content. Make them professional and complete, and make them meaningful and truthful. We need to read or listen to what we say as if we were the customer. We ought to have someone outside the business tell us what is wrong with what we say, how we say it, or what the customer reaction might be.

Stop the greeting that says, “Your call is very important to us”, when the wait time is more than 30 seconds, or if no one will ever return the call. If we state that calls may be recorded for training, use the recordings (Are there any?) to realize that wait times are too long and service representatives need better training to be inventive and creative.

Why do we spend money on our businesses, and then offend the very people that we want to attract? No one wants to be sold; we want to be educated and then make an intelligent decision. If we strive to confuse or confound our audience, maybe we are not the professionals as which we want to be seen. Our communications are the opportunity for us to shine; we should not let our message reflect badly on our life’s work.

Communications are the life blood of our businesses. Make them clear, concise, honest, and truthful; even better make others know that their relationship is appreciated by our business and everyone in it. We must look at our communications from the outside point of view and correct any impressions that will drive others to run from us at first sight. Our communications must reflect Gratitude Marketing. Please leave your comments here, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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