March 15, 2015

Dreams or Goals?

We all know that we must have goals which we work towards, but how do our goals fit with our dreams? We must have dreams, about our work, our personal life, specific dreams, or vague dreams, about our lives. We can dream about goals and their achievement, or we can dream about pie-in-the-sky ideas that we have. Goals and dreams can work together, or they can conflict with each other.

Dreams regarding our businesses might be for us to be successful (very vague) or they can be to increase our sales (still somewhat vague). We should have dreams as we should have goals. We must dream very specific dreams that can become goals. We can dream to be happy, but what steps are needed to accomplish that dream or goal?

Intermediate dreams, like intermediate goals, are more accomplishable and therefore more rewarding and build confidence. If our dream is to be happy, what intermediate dreams (goals) can lead us to that ultimate dream of happiness? What steps that should be measurable, able to be accomplished, and therefore rewarding, can lead to the ultimate goal or dream of happiness?

Dream and goals may be interchangeable, or they can build towards each other. They can also conflict with each other. Suppose we dream about world peace, but we have the goal to be a leader in equipment for making war. It is then time to decide which way we want our business and life to progress. Suppose that we dream of having fun in our personal and business lives. Our goals and dream must coincide with each other.

If we stop dreaming, we will lose the momentum to succeed in whatever we wish to attain. Dreams are the objectives that make us what we are and lead us to become what we can be. They are the basis for our goals, and may become the goals themselves. We must not let our dreams become idle day-dreams; we must work to achieve our dreams and become the people with the lives about which we dream.

Our dreams are not silly and impossible to achieve? Has anyone else dreamed similar dreams and failed? Sure they have. Edison failed over and over until he invented the electric light bulb. But he kept dreaming and working, doing his research and asking for help from others. Our networking partners and the relationships that we build can help us in the same manner. All we have to do is ask for their help.

We should stop surrounding ourselves with people who discourage us and tell us that we cannot achieve our dreams. Maybe they don’t know what they are talking about and don’t want us to surpass their level of failure. It is too bad for them if we succeed where they were too afraid to dream and follow through on their dreams. We might leave them in the dust, making new friends who share our dreams and accomplishments.

Dreams are the basis for our goals and for our successes in life. Our business lives, as well as our personal ones, are the result of our dreams and the goals that lead us to accomplish them. Don’t fail to share your dreams and goals with others, and never stop helping others to dream and accomplish the goals that will lead to their dreams becoming reality. That is what we must do for our relationships and partners.

Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691. Dare to dream and then dare to achieve those dreams through the help of your partners. Courage to dream and accomplishing dreams can be contagious.

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  1. This is an absolutely superb post, Mr. Teasley. Outstanding!