February 22, 2015


After discussing goals, we must include the goal to improve our follow-up with those with whom we interact. That group includes everyone that we meet, everybody with whom we have any level of discussion, and all of our prospects, customers, and clients. It also includes anyone whom we have lost as customers or clients. In short it means that we should follow-up with everyone who will have a conversation with us.

We should not pester others who have indicated that we should not contact them further. We should better monitor our conversations, emails, mailings, or whatever means we use, so that we do not further contact those whom have indicated that our message is not one which they want to hear.

However, we must follow-up with everyone else to be certain that they either will become our customers, or will become sources of referrals, or will become both. Of course, their status as a customer or client is our ultimate objective. However, if they do not believe in a need to be our customer, we want their referrals to others with whom we may obtain a customer relationship.

Why would anyone refer others to us when they do not purchase what we have to offer? They may like us personally; they may believe that our product is something that will be good for someone whom they know. Their reasons may include an appreciation for how we conduct our business. Are we ethical, honest, and truthful in our conduct? Do we show our gratitude and appreciation for our customers and clients?

Do we show our gratitude and appreciation for those who do not purchase from us? These people can be the lifeblood of our business. They can provide referrals for us which may be more authentic than the ones from our customers. Their faith in us is based on our performance that they have observed as we operate our business. They believe that we are the person who “does the right thing” in business.

Follow-up includes the Gratitude Marketing steps that we perform in meeting new acquaintances. We meet with people, get to know them, and discover what they need in their business. We do not attempt to sell them what we have to offer, but we help they get what they need, no matter who has it. When we treat them with respect and support, they will refer their acquaintances to us for what we offer.

If they express an interest in our offerings, we must follow-up with professional marketing techniques, making sure that they understand what we have but also how we operate as business people. We must practice Gratitude Marketing and market, not sell, to them. We must build networking relationships and perhaps move to customer-vendor relationships. We might even build client-vendor relationships.

We must follow-up with everyone whom we meet, no matter what the type of contact that they are. We must be honest, ethical, and truthful in our communications and in our follow-up. We must be marketing consultants, not sales persons, helping others get what they need, not selling them just what we have. We must practice Gratitude Marketing.

Please leave me your comments here, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691. That would be a great way to follow-up and help us build networking relationships. Let’s see how we can help each other, as well as others.

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