December 21, 2014

Who Should We Thank

Some people asked for a check list of whom we should thank for what they do for us and for others. We should thank everyone, because everyone wants to be noticed for what they do, except those people whose actions should have never seen the light of day. If we should be ashamed of what we do, don’t do it. Everyone should be proud of what we do and should be thanked for those actions.

So, here is a partial list of some of the acts that should be recognized as gratifying and thanks should be issued as a result:

·       - an order of a new customer,
·      -  the referral from a current client or associate,
·       - a recurring order of a current client,
·       - advice, solicited or not, from a networking partner,
·       - the unexpected contact from an associate who was out of touch for a period,
·       - a gesture of sympathy for a loss,
·       - veterans who have provided service to us, and others, often to their own loss,
·       - any new associate who offers to meet and chat, to become better acquainted,
·       - an invite to an event for which we did not have knowledge,
·       - congratulations for an accomplishment of our business,
·      -  the act of an employee that enhances our business,
·      -  the continued support of our employees, family members, and others,
·      -  the presenter at an event that enhanced our abilities, in business and personally,
·       - a friend who supports us in business and personally,
·       - our neighbors who make our neighborhoods better,
·       - anyone whom we meet on a daily basis who provides service to us, and to others,
·       - anyone whose life we may randomly brighten by noticing their action.

The fact that someone can be viewed as falling within multiple areas within this list means that our sphere of acquaintances or associates means more than if someone is just a neighbor, family member, or friend. They mean more to us then if they are just someone who we see once in a while. They have impact upon our lives.

Obviously, this is a list that can be enhanced to add many more individuals, and organizations, that deserve our appreciation and gratitude. It is surprising when we show gratitude to others how that gesture may enhance someone else’s life and spirits. Just a small gesture of gratitude may change someone else’s spirit, mood, and even their life. We should try this type of gesture and see the difference for ourselves.

As we go about our days, take note of everyone about us and what they do. Then show some appreciation and gratitude for what they do, for us and for others. Their day will be better, their life will be better, and we will be better for our effort.

Gratitude towards others can make everyone’s life better, the life of the recipient of that gratitude, as well as your own. Believe it or not, just try it and see what happens, see how you feel about yourself and life itself. Please leave me your comments here, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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  1. I agree, Jim, and thank you for this post. I actually never realized how often I thank someone, even simply, until I read this and realized I've said thanks for all of these reasons (less the Veterans one but I get thanked a lot for that one). Just so everyone knows, "A simple 'thanks'" will really do a lot for a persons attitude towards people.