December 14, 2014

The Art of Thank You (Part 2)

It is refreshing when a blog posting results in positive responses. It is very rewarding when a posting results in as many positive responses as last week’s did. The audience for any blog provides most of the material for its content. As a result, there are some points from last week’s posting which require additional discussion.

We go about our days meeting new acquaintances, speaking with others that we previously knew, or even developing new prospects and clients. The people with whom we interact are the people with whom we should build relationships, strengthen relationships which were previously established, or provide some level of support or interface. All of them should be acknowledged and noticed.

As Tom Hopkins taught us, everyone likes to be noticed in a positive manner. Was our conversation with them a short one in passing, was our meeting planned or by chance, was the discussion helpful to one or more of us? No matter the basis for the act, we must thank that person for the connection, the information exchanged, even the short hello. The opportunity must not be ignored.

We could even use this message of thanks to ask for a more in depth meeting later. Was the person someone with whom we should build a relationship, is their knowledge or expertise, something that we need, do we want access to them as a prospect or client, what about their sphere of influence? All of this is important to our success as business people. From a simple thank you for our past meetings or conversations, future rewards may arrive on our lap.

Everyone does business with, and refers business to, those whom they know, like, and trust. They also include those who they remember. If someone does not remember us, we cannot gain their business or retain it. We need to remain first and foremost in their minds, in a positive manner, to receive the benefit of their marketing on our behalf. Just because we are out of sight, we do not have to be out of mind.

If we are not in the mind of our acquaintances, they will not contribute to our future. We will not be who they remember when they refer business to others and look for new people with which to do business themselves. Of course, if someone remembers us, they may attempt to market their business to us. Remember marketing is a two way street. We should be willing to allow others to market to us as we want to market to them. It is the “right thing” to do.

As we go about our workdays, we always experience many instances or occurrences for which we can say thank you to someone. Those “thank you” gestures can provide the basis for future prosperity for all parties involved. However, that prosperity will never see the light of day without the gesture of gratitude or appreciation that must spawn it. We must take the time to provide “thank you” gestures to everyone we meet or know.

Showing gratitude to others can take many forms. It doesn’t need to be grandiose or pretentious, it just needs to be done, and with sincerity. Try it and see who you can make feel better with a simple “Thank You”. Please leave me your comments here, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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