November 2, 2014


Very often, as I go about my days of networking and marketing, I ask myself “Why?” when I see various acts of, or hear statements from, other business people. I just cannot fathom why some things occur or are said by people whom I believe to be intelligent enough to start, or join, a business which should be successful in today’s market. I often wonder if they are aware of what they have done or what they have said and the effect their action or words may have on their success.

Over and over I have heard others say that if you keep doing what you have always done, why are you amazed that you receive the results that you have always received. Yet there are many business people who keep practicing the same business principles that they always have with the same disastrous results. Why not try something new? If that new action doesn’t produce better results, try something else, but try something new and different from what you know doesn’t work.

When invited to spend some time networking, a business owner told me that they were too busy to attend networking events. This was immediately after they said that their business was about to die from a lack of customers. In other words, they had too few customers but couldn’t spend time to network and market themselves to get more.

I was told recently that someone had no money for marketing. This person may not believe in marketing themselves and gaining new clients, or they may believe that they do not need to spend any money, or any effort, to market to gain new prospects. This person should look to how they can spend small amounts of money and still gain new customers who will then, from the great service provided, recruit other new customers for this insurance agent.

Once in a while, I have heard the statement that a business has too many customers. This is a problem 99.9% of successful businesses want. Deal with it and build your business to go out and get even more customers. When you started your business, what did you expect? Did you want it to prosper, and grow, or did you expect it to reach a certain point and stop growing? The only certainty is change and change can be for the better or for the worse. It can be what you make it.

When you wrap your vehicle with your business name, you must watch how you drive. Marketing is everything that you do from waking up until you go to sleep. If your driving reflects badly on your business name, your marketing has been for naught and you will experience a drop in your reputation, the most tangible aspect of your business. You are known by what you do, as well as what you say.

As you go about your day look at what others do and listen to what they say. If you find yourself asking “Why?” maybe you can learn something from what you have observed. Maybe these are the actions and words that you should never utilize in your life and business. Learn from others and allow your business to prosper.

Ever ask yourself “Why?” If you do, make sure that you aren’t looking at yourself and your own acts or words. Appreciation Marketing might mean that you reach out and try to help someone who may need your advice in their “why” moments. Why not? Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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