November 9, 2014

Why Not? (Part 2)

After posting last week, I received several calls and emails suggesting topics relating to the question “Why Not?”, and some seemed valuable enough to relate here. The fact that we discussed this question previously doesn’t prevent us discussing it again. Sometimes repetition is a good thing, so why not revisit the question?

The question “Why?” applies to situations that amaze us and seem to relate to a lack of forethought on our part when we are participates in these situations or actions. The question “Why Not” is more applicable to those situations where we have alternative actions that we either ignore or don’t realize may help us to better the situation.

When we continue to market our business without success, why not try an alternative method that might be more productive? If that doesn’t work, why not try something else, evaluating all methods until we discover one, or several, that reward our efforts? Change doesn’t have to be a total makeover, but change may be the tool that allows us to discover aspects of ourselves or our business that may be the stepping stones to even greater success.

Don’t believe that you have time to go to networking events? Why not try some, and see if they have changed since the last time we attended one? Don’t believe that we might meet someone valuable at an event, why not try to meet someone new each and every day and see if we can gain some new insight that might aid in the success of our business? Why not see if we can discover someone whom we can help? That is what Gratitude Marketing means.

Why not try attending a seminar or a webinar? Why not listen to a CD or watch a DVD that someone sent to us? We might learn something new that might make a difference to us. Why not thank the person who suggested the seminar or webinar, or sent us that CD or DVD? Gratitude goes so much further than our own self-promotion every time. Why not let others know how much we appreciate them and what they do for us?

Why not ask your clients what they think of our business, or our product or service, and how the buying experience was? Why not ask those people who either stopped using our business offerings or those who never purchased from us in the first place? Why not ask for their feedback and learn what we may be doing wrong? Don’t ask them to complete a checklist that slants their answers; ask them to tell you in their own words.

Why not ask our employees, if we have them, what their opinions of our businesses are? Just like our customers or former customers, or our failed prospects, they have information that might prompt us to revise our marketing and operations for the better. If they have a vested interest in our business, they will be better employees and perform much better. Our employees should operate as if they owned the business.

Every day as we go about our business life, we should be asking “Why Not?” The answers might amaze us, or they may shock us, but we may become better business people for the question, and the answer. Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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